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The Red Door winner

I can’t tell you how happy it makes me when you guys love the brands I introduce to you. Thank you so much for the love and enthusiasm you have shown for The Red Door and Kirsten’s gorgeous products! I hope you follow through on that support and buy ALL the stunning things from her through her Facebook page, whether it’s to decorate for Christmas or just to decorate for you! There can only be one The Red Door winner, but you can all own something very special made just for you!

The Red Door Logo

Kirsten will be making one more appearance in the “All I Want For Christmas” series, so make sure you are following along so you don’t miss it! But for now; let’s go see who my little munchkin chooses as our winner for you today!

Be Brave

For those of you new to our draw process, this is how it goes…

I have entered every single one of your entries randomly into a spreadsheet by hand. I have also created 3 sets of numbers in different colours (This is the order the final number will appear).

Draw Number order

My cutie then has the best time choosing one number from each colour in no particular order.

Hand in 1

Opening a number

Purple 8

Drawing a number

Handing me a number

Green 0

Hand in last one

Last one open

Once they are all drawn, I put them into the set order and find the corresponding name in the spreadsheet, and we have our winner!!

Winner number

The Red Door winner

Congratulations to Megan Letsoalo on winning your own gorgeous set of wall decor for your little one’s room. I see from your entry that you will be getting the pink one! Enjoy it and be sure to send me a photo once it is up 🙂 Please send me your contact information on so that Kirsten can get in touch and organise delivery of your prize!

If you want to stick around a little longer, and you are in the mood to admire some more amazing handmade products at great prices, don’t miss “All I Want For Christmas is Something Handmade with Love”; or if you just feel like some positivity, you can give this one a read.

Watch out next week for another very special giveaway from one of my “Handmade with love” brands.

Sending all the love xx

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