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All I Want for Christmas is… Something Handmade With Love

Finding the perfect gift for Christmas is something I take very seriously and finding treasures like these makes me happier than I can possibly describe ~ and so begins All I want for Christmas is something handmade with love…

All I want for Christmas is

What did you think of the decorations I showed off last week? Did any of you instantly get in touch with them to order their gorgeous things?? I hope so!

Each of these incredibly talented people pour their whole heart into creating beautiful things for themselves and others, and you can feel that in the result. And I can’t wait to share them with you, so here we go…

Bella Poppelina ~ Annabell
Annabell makes exquisite bespoke crochet items, buntings and hand crafted baby mobiles. With the love, support and encouragement of her husband, family and friends, Annabell took her part-time hobby, left her full-time job and officially launched Bella Poppelina in 2013.

ALL the cuteness BP

Annabell’s attention to detail and pure love of what she does comes through clearly in every item she makes and she uses only the very highest quality yarns and 100% cotton, so everything is breathtakingly soft. I was introduced to Annabell through my sister 2 years ago and just fell in love with her work. Between gifts from my sister, gifts for Brett from me, newborn shoot items and a beautiful pillow from Annabell herself, Charly began life properly kitted out in Bella Poppelina everything.

Bella Poppelina things

Baby bunny

I think that any of Annabell’s beautiful character hats, which can be made into a set with matching loveys, burp cloths or onesies would make the most gorgeous gift. Or if you want to do something a little different, I got Brett a set of owl hats, one for him and one for as-yet unborn Charly for his last Christmas before he became a daddy.

My owls

Our latest Bella Poppelina gift is this most adorable Charly Bear lovey (R180) and a matching hat (from R165) for our own Charly bear; it was a completely new design just for our baby bear and I am obsessed with the cuteness. The lovey came at a perfect time with the weaning transition we are going through at the moment, she must have her to sleep.


And then if you want to get the very best photos of your cutie for Christmas, order this reindeer hat because it may actually be the cutest thing ever. Made with 100% natural cotton, prices start at R195 (they increase with size due to materials). And you can even match it with a personalised onesie with a reindeer applique!

Reindeer cuteness

You can find Annabell on her website, on Facebook and on Instagram. And the very best news is that Annabell has created a coupon code just for you! When you place an order via with “ALLIWANTFORCHRISTMAS” in the subject line, you get 10% off character hats and loveys until 20 November. There is a 4-6 weeks lead time on all orders, because every single thing is created specifically for you, so orders need to get in fast! Courier costs aren’t included in the prices.

Watercolour Heart ~ Jess
Some of you will remember Watercolour Heart from a review and giveaway we did earlier this year; for others, Jess is an undergraduate Fine Art student who started her own personalised illustration business earlier this year. Jess takes your photograph and turns it into a unique work of art.


She sketches your photo by hand and then adds watercolour touches, before scanning it into a computer where they are polished to make sure they are of the best quality for you to have printed on anything from a card to a mug to a canvas. Everything is digital, which allows you to email, post and share your illustration online and on social media. This combination of hand-drawn and digital illustration gives you the best of both worlds; the authenticity of an original with the quality of digitalisation.

I have stayed in touch with Jess, (because besides being madly talented, she is also an absolute sweetheart) and have a secret project in the works with her for next month and another for next year. This amazing young lady is turning just 21 on Saturday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESS!!) and she has created a Christmas range that we are the first to see!!

You can choose a photo that holds special memories for you or a loved one and have Jess turn it into an amazing illustration with one of six gorgeous Christmas wreaths (*spoiler alert* the sixth will be showcased in “All I want for Christmas is the perfect gift for my hubby”) and you can use it to create incredibly special and personal cards, framed artworks, or anything else you can think of.

All I want for Christmas

Watercolour Heart WreathsPrices range from only R350 for one person to R650 for 6 people; and every Christmas wreath order comes with a set of 8 labels (2 each of the matching set of 4).

Watercolour Heart Labels

You can find Jess on her website, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channel and she will be taking Christmas orders right up to 19 December, so if you want to send a Christmas e-card you can do that too!

Stuff ~ Ceridwen
I am utterly blown away by Ceridwen’s talent. She hand paints character cushions (ONLY R150!!!), which she can personalise (you heard me squeee there) and they are even better in real life than they are in photos. Charly is enthralled with her Pooh Bear and was determined to sleep with it last night.

Stuff pillows

Cutie smiles

Kiss for Pooh bear

Lying on pillow

Happily married with 2 kids, Ceridwen worked for many years as a graphic artist in the kiddies clothing industry, so creating kids goodies is her passion. She can also create t-shirts and will be making ‘My first Christmas’ bodyvests for Christmas.

Stuff pillow & T

You can find Stuff on Facebook and be sure to order ASAP for Christmas as Ceridwen is almost fully booked already!

Pink Maree – Michelle
Michelle works full time as a Personal Assistant. She enjoys her job, and creates beautiful things for Pink Maree after work to relax and take her to her “happy place”. She is happily married with a gorgeous 2 year old daughter. I loved that when Michelle contacted me to tell me about her business she told me that her business started because gift giving is her love language. Her exact words were, “I’ve always felt that a handmade gift is the most special gift you can give someone”. Sounds familiar right 😀

Pink Maree packaging

Anyway, she has always had a passion for handmade crafts, especially jewellery, and she creates things to share that passion with others. Pink Maree only officially launched at the end of September, so show your support for Michelle’s beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings and scarves. They are all made by Michelle herself and are incredibly affordable, so perfect as the personal touch to add to your special gifts. She made this beautiful butterfly necklace (R95) and the earrings (R40) for me; and secretly snuck in this gorgeous beaded necklace and bracelet set (R105) which is one of her favourite things to make.

Pink Maree Jewellery

I must say I am quite enamoured by these unique and unusual t-shirt scarves (priced between R95 – R110 each).

Pink Maree tss

You can find more of Michelle’s lovely things on her Facebook page and she will be taking orders right up 10 December.

Whimsical Woodwork – Steven
This final one is something special I found at the Rondebosch Park Market (one of my very favourite places to shop for Christmas every year). Steven from Whimsical Woodwork makes the most exquisite range of small wooden items, but what I want to focus on are his amazing wooden jigsaw puzzles.

Whimsical Woodwork

Elephant chains

It took me aaaaages to choose between these beautiful elephants made from French Sycamore (R80) or one of the elephant chains (R250 for a herd of seven elephants); but the playfulness of this one won me over. Charly agrees and spends ages taking “mine ellies” apart and putting them back together.

Xmas Ellies



Many of Steven’s things are one of a kind because what he makes depends on the wood available and every item is hand cut and finished by him personally; and the personal crafting is also the reason that any special orders need to be in as soon as possible. If you would rather go and handle and admire his work first hand, be sure to Like his Facebook page to find out which market he will be at (he regulars at Rondebosch and Kirstenbosch).

All I want for Christmas

And that’s it for today’s edition of All I Want for Christmas! I am absolutely in awe of each and every one of these incredibly gifted people and I hope you show them the love and support they deserve and truly (affordably) spoil your loved ones this Christmas! I know this is an impossible questions, but which is your favourite?

Sending all the love xx

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Thanks hun 🙂 They are amazing 😀 And affordable enough you can get at least a few 😉 x

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