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My Baby Registry ~ Review {Giveaway Closed}

Today’s review and giveaway is for our pregnant mommies! I know I said I wouldn’t review anything I haven’t used myself, but I absolutely love the idea of this service and will definitely be using it if I ever do make a move on baby number two.

It seems the days I consider baby two are happening more often lately, although even the thought terrifies me. It is likely my interviews with beautiful mommies Mushra and Shan who are expecting their second babies that has me all broody again. My life is still in a bit of a shambles with our gorgeous baby one, so my brain knows it will be a while still until we are ready to add another; but my heart is already there, waiting for the rest of me to catch up.

It may have been for this reason that I spent far too much time building an “imaginary” registry when testing out the site.

My Baby Registry

My Baby Registry was started by Capetonian Tonia Zorbas. It is a gorgeous site, stocked full of quality products, where you, as a mommy-to-be, can log in (for free) and create a full online registry for your baby shower; leaving everybody else to take care of everything else (a gift in itself when you are pregnant). Tonia has sponsored an amazing prize for our giveaway, but I will tell you more about that later!

Tonia Zorbas - Owner & Creator of My Baby Registry
Tonia Zorbas – Owner & Creator of My Baby Registry

It is so simple to use – you sign up, create your registry, and email your friends and family the link. You can view your registry at any time, seeing what has been purchased already, and adding or removing items. I love that this means no more duplicate gifts and that it allows your baby shower guests to know they are getting you something you will love, use and appreciate.

There is a really broad variety of brands, including some of the best known; and you are encouraged to suggest any other brand you feel should be added to the site as well. Great variety also means a range of prices from R29 adorable finger puppets to an R18,500 hand crafted armoire. You can filter your selection by a number of things including price, allowing you to build a registry within a budget you are comfortable with.


One of my favourite sections by far is the Gifts & Vouchers! I love that you can add a meal delivery service voucher, a massage, or something beautiful and unusual like a Newborn hand and foot mould, to your registry for those wanting to spoil you as well as baby. Moms need as much, if not MORE spoiling, than babies and once baby comes, the mom spoiling is all over – so don’t be shy to add gifts for you to your registry!!

Another special touch is the “full service” aspect that they offer. Gifts are wrapped and personalised gift tags added free of charge and all the gifts will be delivered to the baby shower venue on the morning of the event. If you are in Cape Town, delivery is free too. If you are elsewhere in South Africa, delivery will be charged to the mom-to-be in an amount of up to R250.

A few other perks: you will receive a list of who got you what to prevent any confusion, so nobody has to sit and try to keep track of that at the shower, and you receive an email after the shower with a list of items your loved ones didn’t get and the option to purchase them yourself. There is also a great Blog with some lovely tips and tricks for you.

I heard someone say once that you only do a baby shower for a first child and not any subsequent babies – a heads up to anyone who knows me – this is NOT true! (And I’m not just saying that because I didn’t know about this service when I was pregnant with Charly…)

Anyway, I think this is such a great concept and it has been so well implemented and I think every mommy-to-be should be using it! Baby_Gift_Registry_Logo

{Giveaway Closed}

AND NOW… You can stand a chance to win your favourite item on My Baby Registry up to the value of R500!

Here’s what you need to do…

  1. Head over to My Baby Registry, have a look around and choose ONE item up to the value of R500 that would make the top of your baby registry list
  2. Go show My Baby Registry some love on Facebook OR Pinterest
  3. And I can never have too much love – I have easy peasy social media buttons to make this even easier for you, choose any platform
  4. Share this post using any of the social media share buttons at the end of this post
  5. For an extra entry, you can Subscribe to my blog by filling in your email address at the bottom of the page
  6. Most importantly, comment below with where you have loved us, where you’ve shared & the link to your favourite item!

Winners will be announced on Monday 8 June 2015!

*This competition is only open to South African citizens!

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Loved and shared on FB…
Love Love Love the Hippi Child carrier…Also contemplating baby no.2. (eeek)..I have all the necessary stuff, besides this smart contraption!


Shared love for My Baby Registry on Pinterest <3 Following Pregnant in Cape Town on Twitter, favourited and shared post! I absolutely love the Jellycat Bunny, it looks super soft and cuddly 🙂 Fingers Crossed!!

So many pretty things on My Baby Registry! I finally narrowed it down to a NUK Starter Pack in Blue Fish (trying to stay semi neutral in colour seeing that baby did not want to show us yesterday…).

I am also following My Baby Registry on Facebook (Henriette Cronje) and Pinterest (Henriette Cronje), following you on Facebook and Twitter (@cronjehenriette), I have shared on Twitter and Pinterest and I have subscribed to you! (phew!)

Holding thumbs!

LOL 🙂 Well, if you win the draw you will then need to choose 😉 Thanks for the entry & good luck!!

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