Who won with My Baby Registry?

Happy Monday Mommas and Mommas-to-be!

I hope you are keeping warm on this clear but cold day. I am feeling so grotty today; it seems I have picked up a cold/flu/sinus infection – stupid weather. I am therefore working like this today… Sickie Selfie

It will make me feel SO much better when I announce our winner, so let’s do that now! Thanks for all the love shown to My Baby Registry and I; and an extra thank you to those that showed and shared the love even though you couldn’t enter yourselves! To our entrants, I had as much fun clicking on your links and admiring the awesome potential prizes as I did when I played on the site 😉

And now, as usual, to hand over to little Miss C, who has been trying to get at the little squirrel papers all morning!

MBR Entries

In the pouch

Teddy Ready to draw

Teddy Ready to draw

Reaching in

Opening up

A kiss for the winner

A kiss for the winner

HenrietteSo many congratulations to Henriette!!!

What she had to say about the item she selected, “So many pretty things on My Baby Registry! I finally narrowed it down to a NUK Starter Pack in Blue Fish (trying to stay semi neutral in colour seeing that baby did not want to show us yesterday…)”

Please send your contact information through to me at mandy@pregnantincapetown.co.za so I can hand you over to the lovely Tonia to organise your prize! How goregous is it??!! Please send us a pic once you receive it.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.34.14 AM

I hope all of you mommies and mommies-to-be use this service and tell others about it; it really is an awesome idea and set up and I love Tonia’s dedication to customer service – it’s a unique selling point in South Africa! I promise to share my registry list when baby 2 moves from “one day” to being a reality too 😉


I am SO excited about next week’s giveaway; I can’t WAIT to share it with you all!

Sending all the love xx


  1. Henriette says

    Wow this is so great – thank you so much!! What a way to cheer up the Monday blues 😉
    Also thank you to little Ms C – she is the cutest teddy!
    Will email you shortly!!

    • Pregnant In Cape Town says

      Congrats!! So glad I could brighten your Monday :) My little teddybear sends hugs your way!

    • Pregnant In Cape Town says

      Oh my goodness Ands, thanks so much :) Everybody always says how much she looks like her daddy. Hoping the germs pass soon too xx

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