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Wriggling & Rhyming Over Anxiety

I’ve briefly touched on my anxiety when being apart from Charly in the past. I haven’t really mentioned my general anxiety over taking her (or venturing myself) into new and unknown situations. But yes, that’s a thing. I would rather be home than anywhere else.


People who knew me a few years ago would never believe I get stressed about leaving the house or being around new or big groups of people. I was the biggest “socialite” when I was in my early twenties; but in truth I just really didn’t like being alone. Once I found my person, that urge to get out there slowly faded.

That’s not to say I don’t want to be around people; I just prefer it to be “my” people, even more so in my space, at home. This discomfort of being out got progressively worse during my pregnancy, and at some points morphed to fear, and has ebbed and flowed as anxiety since I had Charly.

Knowing this isn’t great for me, and probably more so knowing it isn’t good for Charly, I have been actively working my way out of it – parenthood helps you along these roads, doesn’t it? And today I took a big step in the right direction and I’m feeling so glad I did!

I’ve been wanting to take Charly to a class or group activity of some kind on a Wednesday; she misses my mom when she’s not here and she adores kids, so I thought it would be an all round win.

I’ve been trying to decide between swimming lessons and a clamber club or creating some kind of mommy meetup at local play centres (which I still might do). I had heard of Wriggle and Rhyme in a few places, but it had fallen off my radar somewhat in the chaos of life, until someone mentioned it to me the other day.

Charly loves music and dancing; from shaking her head, to stomping her feet to the beat, to going “roundandroundandround”, to shaking her whole little body while clapping and giggling. She even wiggles her head and says “tingting” or “plinkplonk” when she sees instruments or pictures of musical notes in books. She “sings” and loves “playing” her keyboard and guitar; or pressing the multitude of buttons on her various toys that play songs; and many songs have their own dances.

So when I logged into the Wriggle and Rhyme website and saw there was a class in “Claremont” on a Wednesday, it seemed like a possibility. When I heard back from the class leader Liza, and discovered that the class was in actual fact in the same road as me (in Kenilworth), two blocks down, it became a “meant to be”. I’m a little sad that the term is almost over, with today and next week the last 2 classes til late July, but at least it meant I could “trial” the classes before deciding to do a whole term. Charly is STILL waging war on these awful premolars and canines, with 2 fully through, 3 half through and 3 still swollen nastiness. This means loads of night wakes and very early mornings, which severely messes with naptimes. This morning was an early one, so I didn’t think we were going to make it to the class after all. When she started getting grumpy just before 10, I asked if she wanted to dudu or go play with some bubbas, and she very clearly stated “tata car to bubbas”; so the decision was made.

Dudu or Tata with Bubbas…

We arrived a little early, meeting the very sweet Liza and her gorgeous daughters. Charly was a little shy to begin with, but once we sat down, she ran to share her much loved “baabaa” toy (Lambie) with the 9 month old Chloe. She just loves other kids and sharing her things; it makes my heart all warm. I also had a few minutes to acclimatise to the new space and breathe a little before the others started arriving, which helped. I was SO nervous, not only about being there with all these other people that knew each other, but also because Charly would be the youngest there. And I didn’t know what to expect in terms of noise levels (which C can be odd about) or the other kids being mean to her or scared of her (my own stuff) or whether she would generally have one of her epic meltdowns because it was in her nap time. Preparing for the worst is one of my very biggest issues. On the upside, I was totally overwhelmed by how great it was. Charly LOVED it! She watched the other kids for a few seconds and then quickly followed their leads, dancing, playing the instruments, doing the actions to the songs and just having a blast.

Day 479 – 3 Jun 15 : Wriggle & Rhyme; first time drumming ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ #drummergirl #lovemusic #firstclass #charlotterose #charlyisone #15monthsold

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The other kids were adorable sweethearts and happily played with her and loved that she would unpack the toybox and bring toys to everyone in the room, including one of the daddies. I had a moment, where she was doing one of her dances, that huge smile on her face, watching the other kids, and I almost did an ugly happy cry right there; but it passed thank heavens.

All the Smiles

I socialised with a few of the parents, who were equally as sweet as their kids; there was even another mommy who was also there for the first time. I no doubt spoke too loudly, mentioned the blog too often or did something embarrassing; but it was nice to chat to other parents over coffee.

I’m still glowing slightly over how happy Charly was there, so obviously we will be going back next week and signing up for next term. I almost feel like I need to start signing her up for more group-type things; especially to fill this 6 week gap before the next term of W&R starts up again. I have so much on my plate already, I don’t know how I would make time to do another day of the week, but I might look still.

Any ideas or suggestions from you guys on things your kiddies really love (in the Southern Suburbs)?

Sending all the love xx

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I also struggle with my anxiety in social situations, but have really pushed myself for Amelies sake to go to classes etc.
Check out your local library and see if they do a Pram Jam, we have it here in Table View and I know they do it in Milnerton and Sea Point also and probably others though their websites never have the info, you just need to phone them or call in.. Its singing and nursery rhymes and often they do a craft too – great fun and for free, I don’t know if they stick to official term times like the other classes. If you’d like an organised class Clamber Club is fantastic fun for active kids, it’s another of Amelies favourites!

Thanks so much Rois. Amazing the things we can overcome for them isn’t it? I was looking at Clamber Club, but I can’t seem to find one nearby. The library is a good idea. Sending love xx

This is such a courageous post. I also have generalized anxiety and totally understand the agony of leaving the house… How wonderful that you get to do these classes though. Very cool! Thanks for sharing this post. You both look gorgeous in your onesies by the way :)))

Thank you so much for you kind words โค๏ธ well done you on the CTMEETUP too, amazing the things we can push ourselves through sometimes and how nobody else knows what we are going through xx

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