My Journey Pre-Schooler (3yo-4yo)

Life right now with Charly Roses

This kid. You guys, my Charly Roses is phenomenal. She takes my breath away with her intellect, her beauty, her sense of humour. Even when she is being impossible, I am a little in awe of the human she is becoming. She has outgrown 90% of her clothes, suddenly all long legs and arms. She is learning faster than I can follow. Being back at school has found us struggling with her being really tired and really (REALLY) emotional and all over the place. She is loving being back with her friends and teachers though, so she should settle soon (I hope?).

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She is sick too often… though not for the past few weeks, which has been a nice change. It slows her down a little and there are random tears and general unhappiness that break the heart. But she bounces back much faster than we do.

You must see how she takes on the world though. She is loving puzzles again, anything between 25 and 150 pieces put together like it is nothing. But she is super proud of herself, and watches us out the corner of her eye while we are watching her, often with our mouths hanging open. She has worked at it you see, not just having it come to her. She’s stubborn and determined and just keeps at things til she “gets it”. And then she will do them over and over until it comes fast and naturally. I love that. I love that she has tenacity.

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It is harder when it comes to her being in a bad mood. Or angry. Or frustrated. She brings that same fierceness and determination to a full blown tantrum or argument.

She also has days where she just doesn’t stop moving and talking, all day! People always laugh and say, “kids hey?” And then they are here for a few hours and they just keep looking at us to check how we are reacting… Like, is this normal? Yup, this is her. She does everything at 100kmph and she will take you with her or mow you down depending on your state of mind in that moment.

Thank goodness she also has days where she slows things right down. She has thankfully inherited my love for books and reading. And colouring in, writing, typing and (age appropriate) series.

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I was given 6-months access to an educational toddler app called Kidloland, which I am really excited to go through with her. I have been trying to find a gentle way to expose her to phonics to support her teaching herself to read, as opposed to pushing her in a certain direction. And since she is fascinated by gadgets and screens of all kinds, this seems like a fun way to try it. Brett and I have just been talking about whether or not to set up our Nintendo Wii for her too. She really enjoys this YouTube show called Bo on the Go, which is what has got us thinking about it. What she loves (and I love too) about the show is that the kids have to get up and do the “exercises” to help power up the main character. From running on the spot (in a toy-free, mess-free “Go Zone”), to stretching, and crawling like a bug, sneaking like a cat, jumping like a kangaroo, and more along those lines.

Our Charly Roses is also an incredibly loving, kind, thoughtful, affectionate little human. She loves people. Other kids, aunts, cousins, uncles and even has her favourite online aunts and friends.

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She is the most helpful kid ever. From packing the dishwasher to mopping the floors to cleaning tables and hanging washing at granny. She helps dad in the garden, makes beds with mommy and packs the laundry away with Thembe. And she definitely has her dad’s side of the family’s love of and gift for cooking.

Our greatest war at the moment is hair. You all know she has the most incredible hair. Strawberry caramel silky hair with the most gorgeous curls. What most of you don’t know is that along with Mommy’s curls, she got Mommy’s tangles. And brushing is not something she allows. Allow? Melodramatic much? Hahahaha! You so don’t know my kid. Here’s the thing. We have a tangle teezer that she loves. (She totally stole my gorgeous gold kisses one!) And in the bath, with her new Body Treats conditioner in, she will let me brush out all the tangles. If I immediately plait two pigtails, and rebraid them every morning they can last for ages. The joys of the Shampooheads Raging Rosie shampoo is that her hair stays clean and silky FOREVER, which is great because – water restrictions, winter and ear infections. But ONLY if she lets me braid them the second the tangles are out and it is dry… yeah, not often. My life motto? Pick your battles. If my kids hair has knots and has to be worn in the kid version of a mom-bun for now? I can live with that.

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She also has a wicked sense of humour that I LOVE! Besides her dad half-teaching her knock knock jokes, leaving her to essentially be the queen of dad jokes everywhere…

C: knock knock
B: who—-
C: A banana hanging out n a tree!

Cue hysterical laughter… yup. That’s the joke. And there are a million variations; where basically she just chooses a random nonsensical sentence as her punchline. It is impossible not to giggle to be fair.

But I said besides that! She gets subtlety. She adores that people are always a little taken aback by how smart she is. I mentioned from the time she was born that she watches people constantly and how they react and respond to the things around them. I watch her watching people as she says something funny and beyond her years with this adorable little half grin on her face waiting for the reaction. And somehow she isn’t precocious about it either. She loves to make people laugh. It does come with a bit of an edge because she understands subtext and tone far far beyond what she should, so while she loves making people laugh… She knows if she is being laughed at and she rages out completely.

Sigh. We are in for such a bumpy but glorious ride with this girl!

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We are half-way through the threes and I won’t lie, having a threenager has been rough! How are you finding / did you find three?

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Sending all the love xxx


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