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Where we are at 08.03.16

Hi lovelies! Sorry for disappearing on you! I still have SO much to write and share with you all, but this past two weeks has been a little bit crazy. So, where did I go? Not too far sadly – man, I could REALLY use a holiday! This is where we are at right now…When last I did a check in, Charly was suffering terribly with her teething and separation anxiety with school. Well, it turns out I am the worst mommy ever because I somehow missed that the feeling grotty and unhappy also meant she had a bug of some sort. The snots weren’t solely from the teeth, but the start of flu, which developed into a nasty cough, yet MORE snot, an ear infection and general unhappiness all around. The mom guilt nearly killed me for not picking up on it sooner.

COPYRIGHT MLM Sick toddler

2 Doctors visits last week, no school for a week and lots of meds (she ended up not going on an antibiotic in the end thank goodness) and she is still bunged up and a little miserable and not sleeping, but where we are at this week is she was beyond thrilled to go back to school.

COPYRIGHT MLM Happy for school

Being home with boring old us apparently made her realise how much she adores her teacher and her friends and she has barely even waved goodbye when I’ve dropped her the last 2 days. I am so incredibly happy about that and now dreading school holidays and having to make the adjustments all over again next term. I have made it official though that she will be going 5 mornings a week from next term; seeing how much she missed them and missed out after only one week off made the decision an easy one for me to a degree.

To round out the fun of last week, by Tuesday I felt like I was dying. I had raging fevers, an agonisingly painful throat and my glands swelled enough to make me look like an overweight chipmunk. I joined C being checked out by the doctor second time round and turns out I have an ear and throat infection and some unhappy tonsils. Of course, with a sick missy and with it being the last day of the month and the first day of the new month (my busiest days by far), there was zero rest for me. I worked non-stop, exhausted, slow but constant.

COPYRIGHT MLM sick & tired

The joys of being your own boss – people might think the answer to that would be that you can make your own hours and not have to make excuses when you are sick – people would be wrong! When you are your own boss and you get sick, it is just too bad. There is nobody to pick up on your deadlines, nobody to stand in and manage the emails or “watch the office” while you sleep and get better. There is only you. If you miss deadlines, it is your reputation – and your income – on the line. And so you work.

The best thing to come out of me working while ill was this post. I generally have infinite patience and understanding with people, but I was sick and I was MAD and I poured it all out and the response has been phenomenal. I can’t begin to thank you all for your support! It has inspired me and set off a whole chain reaction for me. To balance out a bit of that rage, I also poured my heart into sharing my love for my favourite brand, The Book Owl, for those who missed it.

I have been putting a lot of my time into Tums 2 Tots Online, because this week will see it start its outward transformation to tie in with all the changes I have been making since November. How ridiculously gorgeous is our new baby boy who will be part of the new branding?! His name is Preston (after his incredible creator Tracey Preston) and I am besotted!Preston the Panda (small)

Our Directory listings are coming along nicely, and there will be a bunch of new businesses being added and shared in the next few weeks. I am loving the giveaway opportunities I am getting to share over there, so if you are into amazing free stuff, be sure to go check them out! My columnists are incredible, I am so very honoured to get to work with these incredibly talented writers and humans!! I am not sure what I did right along the way to have earned the trust and faith of these women, but I am so incredibly honoured to work with them!

One last thing, I got a media drop yesterday that really gave me chills. The Children’s Trust hospital sent this beautiful card block set. You open it and there in these beautiful childhood blocks is the word “TUMOUR”, the underlying sentiment being “There are some words kids shouldn’t know”.  The block challenge was to share the nasty word kids shouldn’t know with the hashtag #GiveBackChildhood; to then find a lighter more playful word and share it again, and then make a donation to help raise awareness and money for this cause.


The campaign is to raise R10 million to build onto the ICU at Red Cross Children’s Hospital and it is so easy to make a difference, so DO IT!!

Children's Hospital Trust 

I have NOT forgotten about Charly’s party post and there are more amazing giveaways coming soon. Also some big changes for us coming later this week, but for now, I need to get back to work.

Sending all the love xx

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