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Have you heard of Umatie?

When I posted a million years ago, I mentioned that I was trying out Umatie baby and kids food. The fact that my toddler is embracing the terrible twos with every iota of her little being and refusing to eat pretty much anything, means that this review was delayed. By a lot.

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A Winner & 10% discount for all of you!

It appears Charlotte is going through a growth spurt of some kind, on top of all the other stuff. She generally only eats well once a day; the past few days she has been eating almost as much as me, on top of wanting to breastfeed ALL the time! I need to get my butt […]

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Sprout Kids’ Food ~ Review {Giveaway Closed}

One of my goals for this year was to cook one new thing a month. Although I haven’t managed one a month, I’ve had bursts of time where I have done a few new recipes in a single month and then none again for ages. The tentative plan to start recipe posts is facing the […]