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Sprout Kids’ Food ~ Review {Giveaway Closed}

One of my goals for this year was to cook one new thing a month. Although I haven’t managed one a month, I’ve had bursts of time where I have done a few new recipes in a single month and then none again for ages. The tentative plan to start recipe posts is facing the same issue as trialling the recipes themselves… time, or a severe lack of time.

I was browsing on Facebook about a month ago when I came across a thread discussing services that provide homemade, healthy baby and toddler food delivered to your home. I clicked on the links and had a look at the various offerings and found myself drawn to the one, Sprout Kids’ Food.

Sprout Website

I just loved the website! I loved the bright colours, the adorable characters and their stories, the warm and sincere brand and goals, and the food sounded amazing. I particularly liked the nutritional information charts under the menu items and the information pages were lovely; informative and different. I just had a feeling about them.

I decided to approach Liesel and find out a bit more about her and see if she was open to doing a review and potentially a giveaway with me. Her response was just as warm and vibrant as the site. After chatting, she suggested I go through the order process myself from selection to delivery, to get a feel for the whole experience.

The Process
Although the menu is not extensive, it does offer a good range of food. It is divided into three categories for ease of navigation: snacks, finger foods and meals. The food was designed with a qualified nutritionist to ensure the offering was balanced and nutritious.

Sprout Options

Liesel says, “Our meals are packed with veggies and are completely preservative and hormone free. We only use free range meat and we add no sugar or salt. There are also gluten free and vegetarian options.” I particularly like that under each meal option there is a detailed list of every single ingredient used, with no complex language I can’t understand – I knew exactly what I was getting and I thought how useful this would be if your child has an intolerance or allergy – no scary surprises.

Abe's Alien Fishcakes
Abe’s Alien Fishcakes

I chose two items from each section, settling on Belinda’s Bolognaise with Corn Pasta, Benji’s Chickpea Stew with Basmati, Abe’s Alien Fish Cakes, Dora’s Beef Frikkadels, Muffy’s Apple & Carrot muffins and Coco’s Macadamia Butter Balls. The checkout process was quick, simple and easy and I received an email with the invoice attached a little while later, and could choose to pay via EFT or cash on delivery.

Sprout Checkout

I placed my order on the Wednesday, the food was cooked fresh on the Thursday and Liesel herself delivered it to me on Friday – fresh, in a cooler box, so that I control when it is frozen and how long I can keep it for. There is a clear production date, batch number and best before date; and no risk of it being frozen by the supplier, slightly defrosting in transport and then being refrozen, which can compromise the food. This is apparently a unique thing in the food delivery industry, which was a little concerning to me.

The Mommy
Liesel is a mom of two gorgeous little boys, who worked full time in financial services when she had her first child.

Liesel, Dylan & Owen

“Preparing purees at home was easy and quick, pop it in an ice tray and we were sorted for the week. When the finger food stage hit, it soon became clear that this involved a bit more effort. And with a full time corporate job, the time was just not enough. The options the retailers provided were full of nasties; preservatives, colourants and items I couldn’t even pronounce.” So she created Sprout in early 2014, to give parents just like her healthier options that remained quick, easy and convenient.

The Truth is in the Tasting
I have to confess that we did not feed all this food to Charly… mostly because we all wanted in on it. My mom and aunt were in love with the fish cakes, which were pronounced the best they had ever tasted. Brett got into the Macadamia butter balls and made very short work of them, giving Charly only a few tastes. And then I shared everything else with her. Everything was so incredibly flavourful, which seems bizarre considering the lack of flavourants, salt or sugar. Everything we tried gets a full 5 stars.

Dora’s Beef Frikkadels
Dora’s Beef Frikkadels

Macbutter Balls

Belinda’s Bolognaise with Corn Pasta
Belinda’s Bolognaise with Corn Pasta


With Charly and my full support, you really can’t go wrong!

{Giveaway closed}
Liesel has sponsored an awesome prize for today’s giveaway – one delicious item from each section, delivered free to your doorstep!

To enter the giveaway, you need to:

  1. Go show Sprout Kids’ Food some love on social media
  2. And I can never have too much love – I have easy peasy social media buttons to make this even easier for you, choose any platform
  3. Share this post using any of the social media share buttons at the end of this post
  4. For an extra entry, you can Subscribe to my blog by filling in your email address at the bottom of the page
  5. Head over to the Sprout website and select one meal, one fingerfood and one snack
  6. Then comment below with where you have loved us, where you’ve shared & your delicious food selection!
Loving Muffy’s Apple & Carrot muffins
Loving Muffy’s Apple & Carrot muffins


Although the giveaway is closed; Liesel has thrown in a 10% discount on your first order for anybody who uses the voucher code “PICTlove” before 18 July 2015.

Simply head over to the Sprout site now, put together your order, enter PICTlove into the “COMPANY” field on the Billing Information Page in the Checkout process.

*This competition is sadly only open to Cape Town residents due to the fresh element of the prize!

Sending all the love xx


23 replies on “Sprout Kids’ Food ~ Review {Giveaway Closed}”

Shared and loved all over Facebook!

Subscribed too 😉

Product selection:
Finger food: Abe’s Alien Fish Cakes
Snack: Coco’s Peanut Butter Balls
Meal: Jemima’s Lentil Cottage Pie

Yay!! Thanks for playing 😀 Your little one will LOVE the food. Good luck <3

Hi!! Would love to have the butternut and ricotta muffins, alien fish cakes and the bolognaise and corn pasta! Shared your post on Facebook and definitely going to subscribe as I love reading your blog!

Sounds amazing busy mom and daddy and we love cooking for our little man but sometimes it get boring and because of time restraints lucky weekend’s we try be adventitious but u no how not goes lol 🙂 I would love to be lucky to win this page our Gabriel I have shared on Fb, pintrest, twitter ,google etc il also reblog this too…Ps I love u blog it’s real 🙂

Corn Pasta, Dora’s Beef Frikkadels, and Coco’s Peanut Butter Balls.
Well you know we need options! all sounds great 🙂 great review

These foods sound amazing for kids I would love to try Cocos Peanut Butter Balls, Doras Beef Frikkadels and Herberts Red Quineo Stir-fry with my kids think they would love it

Hi Chastin 🙂 The food is awesome! Did you show your love on social media & where was it? Good luck <3

oooh what a tough choice 🙂 I would try the Muffy’s Apple & Carrot Muffins, Dora’s Beef Frikkadels & to be adventurous the Herbert’s Red Quinoa Stirfry. Awesome Review 🙂

I choose Benji’s lamb stew with basmati rice, Dory’s beef frikkadels and Muffy’s apple and carrot muffins

My choices would be Belinda’s Bolognaise with Corn Pasta, Dora’s Beef Frikkadels, and Coco’s Peanut Butter Balls. Love the site, love the food, just love everything. Thank you so much for sharing!

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