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Eureka we have a Yookidoo winner!!

This Yookidoo giveaway has been one of my very favourites! I have loved the excitement and enthusiasm you have all shown for the brand and the toys themselves 🙂 I love it when something I love is loved as much by you all!! It makes my heart happy. And it makes my heart extra happy that I get to make one of you a Yookidoo winner!The excitement of Charly’s Yookidoo bath toys hasn’t waned at all even with daily play, which is just awesome. Too often my favourite toys are just phases for her and I have to sit and watch them sit sadly as she plays with other things. (Yes, I have watched too many “toys are alive” movies). Anyway, I think everyone who has one of these awesome educational bath toys is a Yookidoo winner in the end.



Which is your favourite of the Yookidoo bath toys? I think the yookidoo Stack N Spray is still mine, but man the “squiggly eyes” and ability to wash Charly’s hair without tantrums is very persuasive for the Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station. Best to not have me choose things, that is why my kid has everything a girl could ever want (because that girl is me!).

If you aren’t the Yookidoo winner here today, you can still pop over to Tums 2 Tots and enter to win a Yookidoo hamper with the Stack N Spray Fountain and the Flow n Fill Spout! And if you are STILL not a Yookidoo winner, you can buy your very own Yookidoo toys in Baby City and Hamleys stores or online at Loot and BabyGroup!

To keep up to date on their amazing new releases or giveaways, follow Yookidoo South Africa on their brand new Instagram account or like the Yookidoo SA Facebook Page!

And now it is time for me to hand over to my little cutie so she can choose which of you IS the Yookidoo winner! She was being particularly otherwise yesterday and wouldn’t do a traditional draw, so I had to improvise 😀 Think it worked out? What do you think?

COPYRIGHT MLM Yookidoo winner peep0

COPYRIGHT MLM Yookidoo winnerLOOK0


COPYRIGHT MLM Yookidoo winner 2BITE

COPYRIGHT MLM Yookidoo winnerLOOK0 4


COPYRIGHT MLM Yookidoo winner1

Congratulations to our Yookidoo winner Jackie Katzen!!!

We hope your little one has the very best time with their gorgeous Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station!! A representative of Yookidoo South Africa will be in touch soon to organise your prize 🙂

And that’s a wrap for today! Remember you can pop over to Tums 2 Tots to enter to win a Yookidoo toy hamper!

Sending all the love xx


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