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Celebrating International Bath Day with Yookidoo

When I was pregnant I spent hours in the bath watching Charly move around in my tummy, she loved the water even then. The bath is still her favourite place to be. Because of that, over the past 2 years we have accumulated quite a collection of bath toys. Bath crayons, bath beads, gels, bubbles, sponges, bath stickers, bath faces, boats, cups, watering cans… Her favourite by far was the Yookidoo Flow n Fill I got her for Christmas. Before Yookidoo South Africa sent us 2 new ones to try for International Bath Day (today, 14 June).

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What is International Bath Day? The story goes that on this day many many years ago, Archimedes (Greek mathematician, scientist and scholar) found a way to measure the volume of objects by submerging them in water – while in a bath. How cool is that? The funny imagery of him jumping out the bath in excitement and running naked through the streets of Greece shouting “Eureka, Eureka!” always makes me giggle. International toy manufacturer, Yookidoo has an amazing award-winning range of bath toys designed to celebrate learning and exploration; teaching them basic physics in the same way that Archimedes did – in the bath. Empty – full, floating and sinking, heavy and light and cause and effect are processed, while fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination are practiced. I LOVE developmental toys! Lucky for me, so does Charly!

So that is the why we are celebrating, but I have to share with you the best part – they actually deliver on their promises of fun and learning! Charly is obsessed with new toys and asks to bath at least 5 times a day. We let her play with all of them at once the first night, but quickly realised that was asking for trouble, even if that trouble is shrieking splashing spraying fun. Since then she gets to choose one a night and so far, the Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station is the winner.


This is the one I can never catch a video of though because she loves spraying me as much as she loves making the little man’s eyes go “all squiggly”, she also doesn’t like having bubbles in the bath because then she cant see the submarine man that sticks to the botton of the bath and feeds the water through the diver shower head. But it is so cute to see that I couldn’t resist sharing the YouTube clip for you!

It took Charly a few tries to get her aim right while using the side spray buttons (she says the submarine button that keeps it spraying is “cheating”), which is incredibly good for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills strengthening. But now she can get the eyes “squiggly” and the the mouth (which she is determined is actually his nose) spouting and the wheel turning, which is done by creating enough of a build up of the water in the left cup to cause all the fun effects. And the right cup causes the clock arm to spin and the stripy pipe to spray.

A benefit I didn’t foresee was the fact that she lets me use the diver man shower head to wash her hair!!! If you had any idea of the banshee screaming we have endured the past 2 years every time we put water over her head to wash it you would understand how exciting this is for me. She giggled the whole time the diver “sneezed” in her hair and I managed to get all the shampoo out of her hair!

Because the other toys are totally worth mentioning – AND I got an adorable video of Charly playing with the Yookidoo Stack N Spray that you HAVE to see!

So, the Yookidoo Stack N Spray Fountain. This one is my favourite and Charly has a blast with it. Basically, it is an endless water fountain that draws water up from the bath through its floating base. It comes with 5 different little boats and creatures that can be stacked on top of the fountain, and in varying order on each other, and each has its own spray effect. The little boats also float in the bath, so this toy creates a whole water world of its own. But don’t take my word for, have a look at Charly’s response!!

And last, but definitely not least, since it was the one I found and fell in love with all on my own last Christmas – The Yookidoo Flow n Fill (also in the background of that video)! This one is simpler and provides great sensory development for little humans. While the other two are more suited to over 1 years old (Stack N Spray) and 2 years old (Submarine Spray Station), the Flow n Fill can be enjoyed from 9 months. An adorable spout that draws water up and through to pour through one of 4 stacking cups with different effects, Charly figuring out what each one did and enjoying the splashing and water running through her fingers has given her (and me) hours of enjoyment.

While Yookidoo makes a vast range of kiddies developmental toys, I particularly love the bath toy range and watching how Charly learns and discovers cause and effect in much the same way as the good old streaking Archimedes did. She loves running around naked shouting funny words too!

For those asking – you can find them online at Loot and BabyGroup and in stores such as Baby City and Hamleys!


Go show Yookidoo South Africa some love and follow them on their brand new Instagram account or like the Yookidoo SA Facebook Page!


*Sadly only those who live in South Africa are eligible for this competition.

Sending all the love xx




62 replies on “Celebrating International Bath Day with Yookidoo”

My little baby girl is 17 months old and absolutely loves bath time. She would love these 🌸. What a lovely giveaway πŸ’œ

Love Yookidoo. I have the tummy mat with the toy that moves from left to right. Would love the bath toy for our boy – 9 months of age who loves water. Since a small age he floated on his back, slashed water with his feet and now that he has been sitting for a couple of months he loves splashing the water with his hands.

My boy is turning one soon. I.would love him to have a nice bath toy. Hes crazy about bath time and loves splashing and playing in the bath. Keeping fingers crossed.

Isn’t just awesome! Good luck for the giveaway! I have no doubt she will love the Submarine Spray STation JUST as much x

If you ever figure out where it goes, let me know… I may want to take a little of it back!! Good luck to K <3

My little girl is 5 and loves the bath and will be sharing her bath time soon with her rainbow sibling

Congrats on your rainbow baby <3 Sending love and luck for baby and the giveaway!

Best of luck Melanie!! To your girls and for the new little boy! How exciting πŸ™‚

Ah these are stunning products, my munchkin loves bath time, its getting him out thats the challenge πŸ˜‰ Hes 10 months old!

My Sadie is 3 years old at the moment with a little sister on the way πŸ‘πŸΌ would love to with this for them

LOVING all the pregnant mamas entering today πŸ™‚ Good luck to you and your little girls <3

Ethan is almost 2 and like most children, loves bath time. Except when it’s cold. Or when he has to get undressed. Or actually get into the water. Then it’s a struggle to actually keep him in the bath while I quickly try to scrub the dirt off him. Lol fun times!

Lololol Kim! That sounds like ALL the fun πŸ˜€ Good luck! Let’s hope you win, then you can fight to get him OUT of the bath instead xx

May is 18 months and she was just given her first Yookidoo bath toy. She absolutely LOVES it!! Would love to add to her collection.

Happy bath day everyone πŸ™‚

Will share on FB now

My son would love this! He is almost 2.5 year. Bath time is the best! Usually provides a welcome break from the toddler drama that occurs most evenings😁

Have shared this on FB:)

Isn’t this age just the most…. um…. fun? I so hear you on the toddler drama!! Be warned, it may aggravate the tantrums when trying to remove them from the bath!!! Good luck!! X

They are amazing Danel!! Be sure to enter here AND over at Tums 2 Tots and maybe you can win your little boy all of them πŸ˜€ Good luck!

Aaaw just so cute. She looks like a child having fun on Christmas day.
My 7 month old son and 5 year old son would love this.

Thanks Cirsten. She gets super excited when she even sees them now! Good luck to your little boys <3

Cody is a complete water baby so he would adore these even though he’s 4 now. I’m sure once baby A is born he’d love them just as much

Age is totally just a number, I enjoy these as much as Charly πŸ˜€ And the Submarine Spray Station is best for between 2 and 6 year olds, so Cody has lots of play to enjoy yet!! Good luck to you guys xx

My son would LOOOOOVE this (He’s 3)! At the moment i’m relying on colour changing bubble bath to keep him entertained so this would be such fun. xx

Ooooh! We also love the colour changing bubble bath! So much fun πŸ™‚ But yes, this would definitely keep him entertained for longer! Good luck to you and your little one! x

Bath time is so much fun, for any child of any age! My daughter is 12 years old and still really loves her bath as it is time for her to relax and unwind from the busy day at school. I have shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs). Fingers crossed.

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