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Words have abandoned me

Some of you will know that my mom has been put in hospital with pneumonia and an allergic reaction to some kind of medication which they have yet to identify. Although I am fun to overflowing with emotions, I can’t find the words at the moment. 

While the pneumonia is improving slowly, the allergy keeps flaring up and the medications she is on is very bad for her blood sugar levels as a diabetic and her blood pressure. They say she might be moved out of high care tomorrow which is a good sign.

But I am so afraid. Frozen inside my own head afraid. Words stuck in my throat afraid. Every morning I wake up feeling as if my chest is going to explode.

And being who I am, when I feel that way, I want my mommy. And then I remember and the fear washes over me all over again.
When I find the words I will write again. 

Sending all the love xx

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Had a scare like this earlier in the year and my whole world just stood still.I was so numb and afraid to even breathe.keeping both u and ur mom in prayer.may she recover quickly and return home where she belongs.

Start strong Mandy. God knows what’s best and will take you and your family through this difficult time. Keeping your mom in prayer 😇

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