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Schnooky Pie – practical meets passion

I know you have been seeing SCHNOOKY PIE everywhere lately, and with good reason. Once our mommy community finds something we love, we tend to want to share it with everyone. We also tend to suffer from terrible FOMO (fear of missing out) when we start seeing all of our friends talking about something we don’t know about. Schnooky Pie babygrows are the perfect example of practical meets passion – and NOTHING is more amazing than when that magic happens. To make absolutely sure that you know ALL about this awesome proudly South African brand, I chatted to owner and creator Jaclyn Holmes. Schnooky Pie provides a gorgeous solution to a problem EVERY mom has! Read more to find out what it is…Schnooky Pie all in 1

Schnooky Pie is a proudly South African baby clothing business that produces high quality unique babygrows and custom outfits for birthdays, baptisms, weddings and other special requests. While their custom made outfits are adorable and made with incredible attention to detail, for me the incredible Summer 2016 babygrow range is 100% unique and easily recognisable and synonymous with the Schnooky Pie name.

Gorgeous cotton babygrows handmade in South Africa, with detailing on both the front and the back and a stunning colour palette of navy, black, greys, whites, dusty pink and mint. And then there is the very unusual Schnooky Pie feature of stud buttons down the back, making getting your bubba into and out of it super easy.

Now here’s why that is the MOST important thing you will read today…

Remember this

Remember how moms everywhere gasped in shock and shook their heads at not having figured out those little flaps allowed you to roll the baby’s vest down over it’s body instead of lifting it, and whatever mess it contained, over baby’s head? Firstly, it does work, BUT… It is a fairly tight fit. And then I don’t know about your baby, but mine wasn’t in a particularly good mood when having suffered the “indignity” of an exploding nappy, having thrown up all over herself (thanks reflux) or having spat out first foods. Yes, it might mean that whatever escaped won’t get in their hair, but it is by no means easy to wrestle a wriggling screaming unhappy baby out of one of these babygrows. THIS however…

Schnooky Pie pinkHow much easier to simply unbutton the entire back and even the bottom ones if baby is being particularly wriggly, and just lift it over baby’s legs?! I LOVE when things are practical, but so obviously based on passion! Easy, completely effective, and how adorable?! From faulty nappies, to reflux, to weaning and baby spitting or messing mush food all over themselves, or when they start feeding themselves – the back buttons make a HUGE difference!

Jaclyn took a leap of faith, left her safe and steady job and pursued her passion in starting Schnooky Pie. As she worked with other moms developing gorgeous and unique items for little ones, she started pulling her second passion, for all things South African, into the business as well.  “I started working with other tradesman (mostly woman in fact),” says Jaclyn, “in the development of a proudly South African inspired and sourced range – the Summer 2016 range.”

I personally feel that this is the range where Schnooky Pie has really found it’s groove. I adore the designs on the front of the babygrows! Besides being ridiculously cute, there are details that are just awesome – the lion’s mane is raised and puffy, the penguins have fluff on their faces and there are even glow-in-the-dark designs on two of them! Even the “plain” designs are textured and raised and baby will love running their little fingers over it. I know Charly did, she loved the awesome wrapping paper it was delivered in and she couldn’t stop staring at the cute little characters on the Schnooky Pie business cards either.

COPYRIGHT MLM Schnooky Pie Charly

But here is my favourite thing about the Schnooky Pie designs – the back! Yep, on top of the cleverly designed studded button back, they have gorgeous modern raised textured designs on the back of the babygrows as well! Think about it… We spend SO much time looking at their backs; when they are being held, when they are doing tummy time, when they start crawling and even once they start walking and are forever running away from us. Nobody else I have seen has done this the way Schnooky Pie has. Schnooky Pie Choices

There are a few items that remain in the shop from the Summer range. It is worth noting that this was a once off run of designs and once they are gone, there are none left. The Winter range will be released in May 2016, so if you miss out on these, you best make sure you sign up for their newletter  or follow them on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss those!

Jaclyn and I have similar stories in how having a baby changed us and moved us to follow our own paths, so I strongly relate to her and have a huge wish for her to succeed. Until falling pregnant, she worked in marketing with a big name corporate with well-known clients for 7 years. She loved her job and was climbing the corporate ladder with determination. When she had her daughter Mia, now 20 months old, everything shifted for her and her prioirities realigned. While on maternity leave, she started sewing dresses and unique items for Mia with her mom, and sharing the results on Facebook. As I am discovering, with small clothing brands, this is the way the success stories all begin – Doing something you love for yourself, and people fall in love with it and want to be a part of it. And so Schnooky Pie was born.

Go like her Facebook page quickly!

Schnooky Pie back


Sending all the love xx

*This competition is only open to people currently residing in South Africa



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1. Love number 3 set my little one will be born in september.
2. Shared on G+, FB, Twitter and pinterest!

Lovely giveaway, and I would really love to win this for my friend who has a little baby girl. I adore the style and baby grow print number 2 and 3 😉 I have also shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs). Fingers crossed.

Yay! I was saying the same thing about 2 years ago 😀 Charly may only be 2, but is wearing 3-4 clothing. The only solution is to have more babies Kim!! Good luck x

😀 Love when you find something that ust resonates with you!! Good luck Aneesa <3

G+, pinterest, Facebook, Twitter. I’m having so much trouble deciding between 2 and 4! They’re all beautiful. I’m going with… 4.

So tough to choose! But having a baby with a glow in the dark tummy is really hard to turn down 🙂 Good luck!!

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