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Malaville Dolls {Review}

I decided to start the weekend right, by doing ANOTHER giveaway! Many of you will have seen the gorgeous Malaville Dolls that Charly received from Toy Kingdom a few weeks ago. We loved them so much I asked them veeeeeery nicely if I could have one to give away to one of my amazing readers… And they said yes! Yay Toy Kingdom! COMPETITION CLOSED – Winner announced here!


Toy Kingdom is the first retailer in South Africa to exclusively sell the Malaville Dolls range, so I was SO excited to be one of the very first to receive them… for Charly… of course… In all seriousness though, they really are beautiful dolls. I love that each of the four dolls have unique “personalities”; everything from their names’ origins to their favourite colour and hobbies. You can find overviews of their stories here (the Tums 2 Tots giveaway is closed, but the information about the dolls is still there).


They also arrived at the perfect time, as Charly had JUST hit the crazed doll fandom stage. She plays with them for hours. She received Mhina and Maisha, and she is besotted. She particularly loves their gorgeous big curly hair. They are best friends with her Bratz Doll, Chloe and they all watch movies and have parties and swim. Now, if only I could get Charly to keep their clothes on for any length of time I would be super happy. Is this a normal stage? She has no interest in what is under the clothes, she just prefers her dolls without them. Sigh.

I love that the Malaville dolls are in South Africa. Not just so that little girls of colour can have beautiful dolls that look like them, which is HUGELY important. But also so that all South African children can play with dolls of all skin tones (each doll’s skin is a unique tone), reflecting their every day lives and friendships.


I hope that they consider adding a more “sporty” character to the Malaville Dolls range. Just someone who has a regular healthy body shape and has normal flat feet for sneakers. I don’t want an overweight doll, but just a slightly more-than-skinny one, that more little girls can relate to and aspire to. I have never cared about these kinds of things before. I always rolled my eyes when people talked about the shape of dolls. And then I became a girl-mom. And now I get it.  (Sorry for the eye-rolls everybody). BUT, one thing at a time.

The Malaville girls are gorgeous and I really want to get Charly the other two (I have already started her Christmas list!) I really hope they expand the Malaville Dolls’ range. I will be the first one to order the new additions! (Again, for Charly of course ;))

The Malaville doll up for grabs this week is Malina! She is actually my favourite and the next on my list! She is “affectionate, powerful, and imaginative. Her favourite colour is blue, and her hobbies include yoga, reading, mineral collecting, and visiting local libraries”. I love the fact that she is a fashion model, but her interests are slightly nerdy.

Malaville Dolls malina-pic

Wait!!  Thank you so much Toy Kingdom for bringing the Malaville Dolls to South Africa and for sharing them with us! Please pop over to Toy Kingdom and give their Facebook page a like to show them how much you appreciate it!

COMPETITION CLOSED – Winner announced here!

P.S. I am working on a post that doesn’t involve giving you things too! But this eases my guilt for neglecting you all for so long 😉

Sending ALL the love xxx








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