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Dudes to Dads Event

This one goes out to the daddies and daddies-to-be! As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I discovered what looks to be an awesome event for dads at my last antenatal class and as promised, see above the flyer for the next event happening in Town on 11 December.

As you all know, I have an amazing support system in place when it comes to other new mommies, but even the new daddies struggle to talk about what they went through or are going through with the mommies around. I get that – boys are different and the special daddies in our lives are still very protective of the mommies and all that they went through, but I have no doubt they would have plenty to say if they had a safe space to do it in.

I really hope that those daddies and any other new daddies or soon-to-be daddies go check this event out; because by all accounts that is exactly what it is for – providing a safe space for the boys to be boys while still being able to express themselves and ask any questions of other people who are going through or have recently gone through the same things.

From what I have heard and read, they will talk through everything from how to deal with us crazy hormonal preggy fairies to dealing with the new baby and new mommy to the far more practical aspects of what to expect when it comes to the finances – from how many nappies you will go through to what schooling costs.

Mommies — do yourselves a favour and get your man to attend. Ignore his macho posturing of how he is fine and he got enough out of the antenatal classes and the endless books and sites and blogs you have thrown at him over the past months. This one is for him, to make him realise he is not alone and possibly let him meet some other daddies to help him form a support system of his own, all of which will benefit you in the long run. I don’t know about your men, but mine has been amazing through all my crazy and sending him off for some boy time that will help him put a few concerns to rest and be a better dad, along with a goody bag and some prizes, sounds like a reward that cuts both ways 😉


You can find more information on Mommy Matters or the Dudes To Dads site.

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