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You Know Charlotte is the Most Beautiful Baby…

Morning all! A somewhat different post today. So I am totally going to be hitting you up for some love. I know that Charlotte Rose is the most beautiful baby… And you know that she is the most beautiful baby… And I know that you know… So maybe you could spare a few moments and send an sms to tell the world she is too?

My Most Beautiful Entry

You are no doubt wondering what I am blathering on about, so let me start from the beginning. A few weeks ago, I started noticing this “My most beautiful” baby competition start popping up all over the place. It turns out it is a competition website which launched on the 1 May, where anyone can enter their child under 2 years old and stand a chance to win R50 000… For real!!!

I logged onto their site on my phone, created a profile for our girl and uploaded a few of my favourite pics – easy peasy. Of course, I am a little late to the party, because I only got around to registering this past week (even though it only took a few minutes to do), so there are only 10 more days of voting left.

This also means that those of you who think yours is the most beautiful baby ever, have 10 more days to enter and get as many votes as possible.

In 10 days, on 5 June, the top 50 babies will be announced (you will get an email and the top 50 will be posted on their website). Then voting begins again for those top 50 until 19 June. The top 10, who all win cash prizes, are then ranked by 80% public voting and 20% by a judging panel.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 10.36.50 AMThe judging panel is made up of two familiar local mommy personalities, Cindy Nell and Heart radio’s Suga; MD Lisa Visser, and CEO of, Leon Lategan.

The winner will be the baby that receives the most sms votes and final input from the judges, and will crawl or toddle off with the grand prize of R50 000. I desperately want to win that cash and invest it for Charlotte’s education; the cost of schooling terrifies me! What would you do with it if you won?

Of course, I am constantly hearing that Charly is the most beautiful child ever, and I am totally unbiased (hahahahahaha) and agree, so I entered her. And now I need aaaaaallllll of you to go vote for her!! You can do it by sms’ing Charlotte2 (don’t forget the 2!!!) to any of the following –

SMS “Charlotte2” to 35300 for 1 vote (R3)
SMS “Charlotte2” to 38001 for 5 votes (R10)
SMS “Charlotte2” to 42530 for 20 votes (R30)

In case you need some incentive, there are cash prizes to the value of R10 000 up for grabs for voters – that’s you!! And if that isn’t enough, BABY will be donating a portion of profits to the Sarah Fox Children’s Convalescent Hospital.

If your baby is entered, feel free to post the voting details in the comments here so we can support your baby too!

Off you go to admire all the gorgeous little bubbas – and vote for mine 😀

Sending all the love xx


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