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#Writersbootcampza Day 8 – A love letter to my pet hate

Dear Loose & LOSE

I know this will come as a shock to you because everything between us has always been perfect, but it is time you leave for good.

It’s not you, it’s me; I simply cannot watch you be used and abused one more time – the only solution is for you to go, far away, to be replaced by simpler turns of phrase.

Loose, you can’t tell me that it doesn’t physically tighten you up inside when someone speaks of “not wanting to loose you” or even worse “setting someone lose“. My heart aches just seeing you tortured in this way.

LOSE, surely you would rather find a place where people don’t “Loose their minds” and you could avoid being told you need to “let lose” all the time. The shame.

I hear your pleas for mercy, begging me to reconsider, swearing things will change; but you know as well as I do that everybody treats you this way – uneducated people who don’t know any better, top-tier media, authors, teachers; the list is truly endless.

This is not the stylistic difference between “until” and “till”; it is not the silly typo of “to” instead of “too”; it is deeply ingrained for no apparent reason.

Our relationship has always been one of understanding. I have always seen the beauty of your true selves –

Loose – you will never be tied down; to me you will always be foot loose and fancy free, loose limbed and with you, I was never at a loose end.

LOSE – your replacement will never be found; you helped me lose myself in the moment, while ensuring I would never lose my way; with you I could never lose my head or my temper.

And so, it is with a heavy heart that I say farewell. You were too deep, too advanced for this world; leave them to muddle along with second-rate synonyms.

You must go before the resentment, annoyance, and yes at times, pure hatred that I feel for those who never bothered to know you spills over onto you. I would rather set you loose than lose you in that way.

With love always

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