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Are you my Volvo Britax winner?

Hello again lovelies! It is almost time for me to come back to you properly (and just in time for me to start preparing you for Christmas!!). This week marks the last week of my #CarseatFullstop campaign. I have a million things to do and a million more plans for the future, but I am going to take a proper breather (like a day or two of nothing but Charly) in the school holidays. And I have so much to say and share and tell you about! It has been an insane, but rewarding few months! But enough about that… It is time for what you have all been waiting for!!! Are you my Volvo Britax winner??

I am SO excited to announce our Volvo Britax winner!!! I seriously don’t think I have ever been so excited. There are so many levels to this for me. I am getting to give somebody something that will protect and keep their little one rear-facing safely for years to come! It is the physical representation to me of everything I want to come from #CarseatFullstop – every child strapped in safely every time, saving little lives, sharing the things I have learned and having it make a real difference in somebody’s world.

Volvo Britax Winner

Yes, you can still go to Tums 2 Tots or Pretty Messy Melon or find the Gumtree giveaway online and enter there til Friday. Yes, Born Geek and Rattle & Mum have both already announced winners. And yes, in a way, I made that happen. But Pregnant in Cape Town was my first baby; before Charly even, and I would never have been in a position to create #CarseatFullstop without the incredible people I have connected with through it. So, giving one of MY readers something that completely embodies something I created feels really special to me.

Enough sentiment, you are here to find out if it was YOU! If it is your little one that will be happily facing backwards for the next few years and being the safest they can be in their Volvo Britax child safety seat… And now I am handing over to my little one to choose and tell you who will love their car seat as much as she does!!

Volvo Britax winner 1

Volvo Britax winner 2

Volvo Britax winner 3

Volvo Britax winner 4

Volvo Britax winner 5

Volvo Britax winner 6

Volvo Britax winner 7

In case it isn’t clear, in the predecided colour order (explained here), the winner is number 0-5-8!

Volvo Britax Winner

Congratulations to CLAIRE LAI LAM and her 12kg 3 year old! YOU are our Volvo Britax winner!13 more kilograms of rearward-facing safety for your little girl!

Volvo will be in touch soonest.

If you entered to win a beautiful Malaville doll, be sure to pop over and check if you did!

And if you are still feeling lucky, be sure to enter to win the brand new Pregnancy Sense book and the Baby Sense wrap <3

Sending all the love xx


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[…] Everybody knows by now that I have been invisible to you guys the past few months because of my car seat campaign #CarseatFullstop. You also know I turned Charly back rearwards-facing and I promised I would tell you all about it and review the Volvo Britax car seat. So I thought, while I was doing that, I’d make up for my absence by giving one of you your very own Volvo Britax car seat! Seems only fair 😉  Our winner was announced here. […]

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