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Making time instead of finding time

There is a big difference between finding time and making time. If I try to find time for things, especially things I want to do as opposed to need to do, I can never manage it. I have been slowly shifting my mind set on this. Maybe it is because I am re-evaluating what I deem necessary to do. Until recently, the only time I had was for work, Charly and Brett. I have started making time for my family again, making time for friends and “down-time” at places like Rouge Day Spa for just me. I have been looking in the mirror lately and hating what I see… And what I see is a massive (pun intended) sign of self-neglect.

While a lot of what I do makes me incredibly happy and fulfilled, most of what I do actually, I still almost never stop. The only consistent occasion I’ve been making time is when I have my eyebrows and lashes done every 3 weeks at Rouge Day Spa… And if I am lucky enough to get Pumi she sneaks in a few minutes of a head massage and meaningful conversation. That has been the most relaxing I’ve gotten in for most of the year… Actually, now that I think about it, except for 4 occasions, all my relaxing has been done at Rouge… But more on that later!

rouge day spa lounge

So, as I was saying, I am unhappy with myself because of self-neglect and not making time to look after or be kind to myself. So much so, that when I was nudged to be included in Abigail K Photography’s #CTConfidence campaign earlier this month, I made a very public commitment to making more time for me. Abi is amazing. She found 10 of us that have deep-seated confidence challenges and got us to talk about them… on camera. She has some kind of weird magic that makes you feel comfortable enough to open up and kind of just spill your guts.  What she has created and what she is trying to achieve is beautiful. Please can I ask you to complete a quick survey to share with Abigail what’s standing in YOUR way to confidence.
Ok, I am going to share the video here. While the amazing Koko at Rouge did an amazing job with my makeup, and I love the way that Abi has put it all together, watching me… the multiple chins and just how WIDE I am, has made me cry more times than I can explain. I am also unsure if how I explained how what I feel and how I look don’t match up, came across as intended. A few people said I had it a little backwards, because my “outside” is confident and happy and inspiring, while on the inside I don’t feel that way. The way I meant it was from my own perspective… I have been living my life confidently, feeling strong in everything I am learning and achieving and then I see myself, all the weight and the awful skin and constant mom-bun, aching back and neck… And that doesn’t match with the way I have been living. So my inside doesn’t match my outside.

As you heard, I committed to making time for me… That includes eating healthier, starting up yoga again – for my body and my mind, spending more one-on-one time playing with Charly and alone with Brett… But also getting the occasional massage after working hunched over my MacBook for 48 hours on a bed, getting my nails done, having a glass of JC Le Roux, and special down time with my friends.

Rouge Day Spa is an integral part of that plan. Some of you would have seen my Christmas Lists Part 1 and Part 2. What I say about Rouge in Part 2 is so very true… It is a home away from home – cleaner, quieter and far more stylish and luxurious than my home, but a sanctuary of peace and relaxation for me. I am going to set up little treats for myself throughout the year… Massages (I need to try all of the ones on the menu), regular mani-pedis so my nails aren’t consistently awful, facials… I want to actually sit with a calendar and book the appointments from next month so I can work my guilt of letting people down in my favour – cancelling is a last resort that I avoid at all costs!

Rouge Day Spa massage

And, I want to save up to book the Rouge Ultimate Luxury Day Package. It is R2,000, BUT it includes a full body scrub, Aromatherapy full body massage, Environ facial and skin analysis, luxury manicure AND luxury pedicure! I feel my body relax momentarily just thinking about it!

Another thing I definitely want to do more of is the Chick Flicks package. I had the BEST time with Jonelle and Maz just before Maz moved out to the back of beyond 😉  We drank champagne, ate two big bowls of popcorn and we barely looked at the movie (even thought I had been dying to see it) as we chatted about anything and everything while we got pedicures. It costs R300 each for one of the best afternoons you can imagine.

Rouge day spa chick flicks

I have just booked a mani-pedi for Charly and I for Christmas Eve morning… I sense a tradition in the making and I LOVE traditions! I  also want to book a Rouge Pick-me-up Package for me… A Swedish back massage, Express Environ facial and a Spa Manicure or Pedicure (includes Brunch & refreshments) and a Rouge Gentleman’s Package for B…. A Swedish back massage, Gent’s Environ facial and a Gent’s Pedicure with a craft beer, as a couple’s package.

I am getting excited for 2017 just browsing the menu here!

Sending all the love xxx


And that brings me full circle…

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Sending you alllll the love xxx

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Lying in bed 36 weeks pregnant feeling 102…..A day at Rouge would be the best I could do;)

This post had me setting new years resolutions…For more me time ♡ thank you !

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