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Third birthday party flashback

Charly’s third birthday party feels like years ago already. A few days after her birthday she started with a fever, and by Saturday we rushed her to the doctor when she was covered in a rash. The rest, as they say, is history (which you can read about here).

We didn’t have much choice when it came to the third birthday party theme… Charly has been Blaze and the Monster Machine crazy since the first time she saw it. As usual I was drowning in work and school germs in the run up to the big day. Lucky for me, I was working with the gorgeous Mellissa from Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs. Lucky because I messaged her an SOS and the theme, numbers and location and she did everything for me.

Third birthday party C face

We chose to have the third birthday party at the same venue as last year, the Sharks Supporters Club. I love that there are big open spaces, lots of parking, a hall and an undercover porch area in case it rains (it was raining last year in the morning and it was meant to rain this year too). They also clean up before and after.

My dad, being who he is, decided to make this the greatest challenge ever. Instead of creating a gorgeously illustrated cake like the last two years, he said only a 3D cake would do. So he didn’t sleep for two days before the party to make sure it was perfect, which it was 🙂 I mean look at this!!!

A third birthday party cake

On the subject of cake; before you think I have deserted Kelsey, who I chatted about last year and the her before, I could never! I bought Christmas themed cupcakes and cakes in December, because I saw them and couldn’t resist. She made Charly the most adorable dinosaur cupcakes (thanks Peppa Pig) for her class party at school. There really wasn’t a need for more cupcakes at the birthday party itself.

Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs had a great variety of goodies on the sweetie buffet. From traffic light brownies, to boudoir biscuit race cars, red rice crispy treats, the most delicious Blaze character biscuits ever, marshmallows dipped in blue sugar, jelly beans and coconut marshmallows. And she managed to organise gorgeous freshly baked croissants and scones for the grown ups. To drink we had a variety of steri stumpies, an apple juice decanter, tea and coffee.

Third birthday party blaze table

Third birthday party - best cookies ever

Mellissa and her assistant created a gorgeous table for the kids under the umbrellas and each party pack had the usual flings, marshmallow, and gummy sweets and I added a bubble wand. It meant a lot to me that when she found out my niece was lactose and gluten intolerant, she took the time to put together a special party pack with alternatives from the health store (without me asking). I wish I had managed to get a photo of the table before the kids attacked it!!

Third birthday party kids table

But you guys, the heat. It was insane. Everything was melting. The cream for the scones, the icing on the cake, even the marshmallows went sticky. And the themed stickers on the milkshakes just sweated right off.

We had the jumping castle, awesome bubble wands from Osmans and colouring for entertainment, but other than that I was awful this year. Luckily the kids are at that age where they were perfectly happy running around the hall screaming their faces off.

A third birthday party collage

A blast was had by all, most especially our three year old! Thank you so much to Mellissa and the Berry & Flambé Southern Suburbs team for all your hard work! And thank you to our amazing friends and family who celebrated with us and spoiled Charly rotten.

Third birthday party -ussie

All the love xxxx



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This is why I get my knickers in a knot whenever people go on about gender neutrality in clothing etc. It isn’t about what colours they are exposed to, it is about how we treat them, what we show them and what we encourage or how we approach things. My kid is more balanced than anybody I’ve ever met and I have been dressing her in pink and frills since she was born 😛

I suspect people get upset by the lack of options. Not that you dress your child in pink and frills, but that I have to go to really expensive stores or the boys section in order to not dress mine in pink and frills.

This is never directed at you love. And you know that I buy C “boys” clothing too. I am not referring to those who are upset about the lack of options, more about those that forcefully insist that girls who are dressed in pink and frills are being brought up in some way less strong and brave and independent than those who are actively kept out of anything deemed “feminine”. I don’t make any decisions about what colours or style of clothing C wears based on anything other than, “awwww that looks adorable” and what she loves. And I believe it is that, that lack of complexity, that makes Charly exactly as she is – wild and crazy and loving whatever she wants, because I consciously decided to not make colour or style or any of that a “thing”, because to me it really isn’t. x

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