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The moment you meet your baby

One of my favourite experiences from my pregnancy was the 4D scan; it is also one of the things I recommend to any new parents to be. So when Melanie Reyneke from Peek-A-Babe approached me about sharing her business with you all, I was definitely on board. I agreed to do a promotional Facebook post for her (which I will still do), but while I was working on it I started having such amazing memories of seeing my little girl clearly for the first time that I decided to turn it into a completely unsponsored post 🙂

Charly in 4D
Charlotte Rose 4D Perfect Face with a Half Smile

Mel is mommy to two beautiful little girls and the idea for Peek-A-Babe came from her own pregnancies. “I wanted more information at my scans than I could get from my gynaecologist. I wanted to know everything; the length of her foot and whether she had hair or not. I was sure there were other parents feeling the same, so I decided to start up my own practice that would focus on the parents’ needs.”

Mel Barend (100)

Mel established Peek-a-Babe in 2006. She is a qualified Sonographer with a vast amount of experience in the ultrasound field. She qualified as a Radiographer in 1997 and then specialized in Ultrasound after a further two years. She then moved to the UK and gained extensive experience training Radiologists, Gynaecologists and other Sonographers. In short, she knows her stuff 🙂

She works from a private space, where she has created a relaxed and happy environment; and she encourages parents to bring friends and family along to their scans, as she feels this is a great bonding experience for the parents and the family. Having done this for our 4D scan, I can definitely attest to the emotional bonding for those who aren’t carrying your baby as well; the moment our parents saw Charly on that scan, you could feel the whole room take a breath. It was such a special day.

Charly 4D
Charlotte Rose 4D Facing Forward

Since many of you were not on this journey with me from the beginning, which was all about my pregnancy, you might not know that I went for a lot of scans. All the regular ones at the gynae of course, but also the 12 week scan, and another the week after because we couldn’t get the measurements we needed. We also went for the anomoly scan at 22 weeks and another scan at 23 weeks when I suffered some breakthrough bleeding that scared me half to death, and then at 26 weeks for the 4D scan, which was a full family affair. I was incredibly blessed that my amazing gynae, Dr Cloete, got a 4D scanner for his office, though later in the pregnancy it gets a little tougher to see baby clearly.

I was like Mel, I wanted to know everything, I wanted to see everything and I found the 4D scan to just be incredibly moving. The fear of the unknown that builds up as pregnancy moves along, the strengthening of the urge to know exactly what they will look like, the surrealness of the thought that there is a little human of your making inside your ever-growing belly; for me, all of that eased and shifted at that scan. Seeing her perfect profile, just like her daddy’s made it all so very real. We essentially got to meet our daughter that day.

Charly 4D profile
Charlotte Rose 4D Profile

I had moments during my pregnancy when I was afraid that I wasn’t bonding enough with Charly, where I was overwhelmed with fear of all that could go wrong, especially after that scare. For anybody who feels they are not bonding with their baby, the 4D scan will definitely change that for you.

And here is what I find extra special about Peek-A-Babe; Mel scans anytime during pregnancy, from as early as 12 weeks right up to 36 weeks (most other practices don’t offer that option). This means that you can get to see your baby and ask anything you like of Mel, from baby’s gender, the length of baby’s foot or leg, whether they have hair yet, baby’s predicted length and birth weight, hearing that precious heartbeat, and anything else the scan may answer for you. She includes a CD with all the photos and a DVD recording of the whole scan, so you can go home and watch your baby for hours 🙂

She also offers the 20-24 week anomaly scan, which is a very detailed scan that focuses on excluding any abnormalities, and she includes a full report in that package. Her prices are extremely reasonable for what is offered (she is cheaper than what we paid 2 years ago); with a 4D scan (from 12-36 weeks) at R700, the anomaly scan (20-24 weeks) at R800 and any follow up appointments after either of these are discounted to R450. They are registered, so most medical aids will cover the scans (plan dependent of course).


I absolutely without a doubt would recommend getting a 4D scan. It is such an incredibly special view into your little person and their world. Head over to the Peek-A-Babe website if you have any further questions about their service.

Sending so much love xx

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I need to go for a foetal anomaly scan but I do not have anymore medical savuings. Where can I go as I am prepared to pay cash?

Hi Kulsum
I believe you can go anywhere that offers scans to pay cash. What area are you in?
Warmest Regards

Just a little over a month ago I went to Peek-a-babe with my husband and his grandfather for his birthday. My husband was leaving for Durban the next week for 2 months and at just 17 weeks I wanted him to see our little angel before he left. Even though we called them very last minute they were still so helpful and made a space for us to see our baby. It was such a special occasion one that I know all three of us will never forget. It was really the most exclusive scan I’ve had during my pregnancy. We can’t afford a private doctor so we are at a public hospital for delivery, but none of their scan experiences even come close. A day after the scan they sent us and email saying that our next appointment had a discount on. My husband and I are so excited to go again when he gets back from Durban. Thanks for an amazing experience and affordable prices.

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