Pre-Schooler (2yo-3yo)

Where we’re at 21.02.16

This past week was so full and so empty of sleep, it all feels a little distant and full of blank spaces. But I feel like we need an update on where we’re at right now so you don’t all forget me! The next two weeks will be full of posts for you from My […]

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The Fear of Failure

I am a writer; a “creative”, if you will. I am never completely satisfied that I have done my best, given my all, achieved what I set out to achieve. I get so inside of the story I’m writing that I can’t look at it or read it objectively.

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Pining for Internal Silence

Today I am pining for internal silence. You know, the kind that can be found randomly when walking through an empty park or lying in a hot bath or curled up in a puddle of sun.

My Journey

Doors & Windows

This topic annoyed me today. It brought to mind a tumbling of cliches that were just too much for me after the past week and a bit of crying, sleepless, ear-tugging, gum-scrubbing and feed-struggling. It’s amazing to me that 5 days ago I was feeling so full of all things good in spite of a […]