My Journey Toddler (1-2yo)

I finally feel like a mommy

Saying I finally feel like a mommy might sound bizarre considering my daughter is two this week, but only in the past few weeks have I really begun to feel like what I have always pictured being a mother to be.

Baby (0-1yo) My Journey Toddler (1-2yo)

Happy Mother’s Day

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, my baby gave me the gift of motherhood. The living and breathing each moment for someone else; motivation to be more, to be better, to inspire, to let go, to grow. Becoming a mother stretches you physically, mentally and emotionally; it changes you for always. It […]

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Impossible Days & Refilling The Heart

I am always afraid to share the bad things at such a wonderful stage in my life, but I am having a day that I need to get out & if I’m feeling like this, there must be others out there feeling this way too.