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Celebrating the good things

Instead of focusing on the tough week I’ve had (I will be reviewing that later once I have a bit of distance), I decided I am going to be sharing and celebrating the good things that I have been up to lately.

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Watercolour Heart ~ A Review {Giveaway Closed}

A few weeks ago I received the sweetest email from Jessica Antoinette Doré, introducing herself and her new business to me. She was so sincere and so excited to share her gift with you all that I was instantly won over.

Blogging My Journey Toddler (1-2yo)

Toddler Traumas & Reaching Out

So, it’s been a rather unpleasant week. Monday started with taking Charly to get her MMR and Hep A vaccinations. I had the usual anxiety and trepidation I think we all feel when our babies (or toddler) are going to get a jab of any kind, exacerbated by our girl’s utter terror of anything resembling […]