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Support in sisters who have never met

I have had a rough couple of months, I have been feeling a little overwhelmed by things and underwhelmed by people and struggling to catch up on all the things on my to do list. I have suffered a few disappointments and struggled with myself over my purpose outside of being a mommy. I have been in need of support and inspiration, and I am blessed enough to have that.

Holding Hands

I have a loving and supportive family, I have a strong, talented and beautiful sister, I have warm and understanding friends (both online and off), I belong to several online communities where I can feed various parts of myself – the mommy and business parts anyway, I have an amazing therapist, and I follow some incredible ladies who share their stories through their blogs. I also go out looking for inspiration, which is what led me to write my Surrounded by Supermommies series and my Pregnant in (_) series.

Most of my time is spent working and with my family, so there is very rarely time for me; the woman in me, the part of me that wants to be pampered and massaged and have manis and pedis and have coffee and meaningful (or otherwise) conversations with other women about life in general. Those little moments to myself are more often than not spent online connecting with special people in my life who don’t judge me for the fact that this time is online.

Earlier this week my friend Laverne and I were chatting about how we should start a Facebook group for women to do for others what we do for each other. Be there for each other and support each other without demands.

We did that spitballing thing that you do with friends when you are daydreaming about the future – would we make it mommy focused or for all women (all women because not all women are mothers but all mothers are women); we could get women who have achieved amazing things to talk to the group and share; we could share our learnings and knowledge from our own experiences with others, we could encourage others to do the same, we would provide a safe space for all women regardless of age, race, religion and any other categorization. What a dream!

On Wednesday morning I got a call from Laverne saying, “I did it”. How freaking amazing is she? She knew I had a million other things on and wasn’t sure I would be willing to jump in, but things in my world had just shifted and jump I did. I can still barely believe that she took our dream and just made it reality – doing is her strength, encouraging others to do and she is incredible.

I am timid; I love to dream and plan and help others with their dreaming and planning, but I rarely have the guts to just go with it for myself. I have found the perfect partner in this venture because Laverne makes me feel brave. We are such a perfect balance for each other and our experience and skill sets are so very well matched.

Do you know what’s amazing? We have never even met in person! A few months ago, she launched her blog Shell Shocked Mummy and after reading one of her posts, I just felt I had to reach out and tell her how amazing it was and how much I admired her strength and her sharing her journey. Within a week we were checking in online daily and shortly after that Whatsapping and chatting. We have had plans to meet up regularly, but life just gets in the way when you are two working first time moms of toddlers.


Charly & I

We have already shared in some hectic life experiences and supported and encouraged and held the space for each other through that. And now we have created this amazing community in the South African Sisterhood where we can both follow our deepest passions – helping and encouraging and uplifting other women.

And we have such plans!! We come up with new ideas constantly on how we can grow and expand this project of ours.

So for those of you who haven’t found us yet, come join our 6000+ ladies (in 5 days!!) and be a part of something bigger than you, created just for you!

Ladies, we can’t WAIT to share this ride with you all!

Sending all the love xx

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[…] Yesterday’s post shared the amazing journey my friend Laverne and I began last week with our South African Sisterhood group on Facebook. As you can likely tell from my absence of late, there has been more than just that project underway. I have so many things happening at the same time, that I thought I would do what I did last time and do a catchup post telling you all about what I am up to. […]

Thank you honey <3 The Internet has provided us with the most incredible ability to reach out and share magic with each other, even though we generally use it for just the opposite. xx

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