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Spoil yourself with Superbalist this Black Friday

A few days away from Black Friday! While there is no chance that I will brave any store or mall IRL, I have been stocking up my wishlists on online stores! Why? Because I did an article in about how to stand your best chance of getting everything you want on Black Friday by beating the crowds…

Of course, I couldn’t wait until Black Friday, which is fine because pretty much constantly. I got quite a few of the items from my original wishlist. When they offered to sponsor a post sharing how to get ahead of the pack on Black Friday here on PiCT as well, I JUMPED at it! Who wouldn’t?! I got to top up my wishlist all over again. Let’s get to it, so you can spend the weekend doing your browsing and stretching your fingers to “add to cart” when the day arrives!

Your Superbalist Black Friday Checklist

Superbalist black friday checklist

1. Download the FREE Superbalist app on the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

2. Set up your Superbalist account with your address and payment preferences.

3. Browse the incredible wide variety of more than 30,000 products from over 400 brands on your app whenever you need to escape from #MomLife for a little while. (Try to avoid only looking at the items under the Kids Tab and focus on spoiling YOURSELF for the first time in forever. Of course I did share a lot of my favourites for the kids over on Tums 2 Tots.)

4. Tap the little heart <3 on your favourites to add them to your wishlist. (P.S. You can share you wishlist as well… In case your partner or family is looking for ideas on what to get for you!)

5. Sign up for the Superbalist newsletter or follow them on Facebook and Instagram for the Black Friday #SuperbalistShowdown alerts.

6. Make sure you have data so that not even Eskom can slow you down!

7. If you are still trying to grab a moment for yourself, watching Netflix half asleep, set an alarm for 23h58 on Thursday 28 November.

8. Open wishlist and ADD TO CART!

9. Click the red “Check Out Now” button.

10. Wait for your free delivery…

Follow these links so you don’t get sidetracked and end up only buying things for your kids

Superbalist Black Friday 1

So, because I have a budget I can’t choose all of these so I am taking some votes over on my Project Me Instagram account… (Unless I change my mind again because I can’t stop adding things to my wishlist and I have to believe the right one will be obvious in that split second I hit “Add to Cart”. Buuuut, these are my two favourites after roughly a month of trying to choose just one…) Which dress do you prefer? The navy linen button through dress or the Frill sleeve floral maxi dress?

Superbalist pjs

Most people who know me, know that I would love to live in pajamas. The very best part of working from home is being able to wear pjs all day most days. Does this Superbalist printed sleep cami and pants set not look like the lightest, softest choice for Summer? And because it is Cape Town Summer, the floaty extra layer of this Cotton On Satin kimono gown for early morning and evenings is a necessity right?!

I have a thing about luxuries… Once, a long long time ago, I made a lot of money… And I had no children… So when I saw something pretty, I could just buy it for myself. Now I have Charly, and I earn A LOT less money – so luxuries aren’t really a thing for me anymore… As I browse Superbalist I add pretty luxury things to my wishlist, just in case there is a crazy sale or special offer… I am hoping #SuperbalistBlackFriday might provide the opening to properly indulge pre-mommy Mandy.

Superb Coats

I am obsessed with this soft grey Sissy Boy Reloi melton coat… It is definitely outside of my budget right now, but it has been sitting in my wishlist since it was put up on Superbalist. The ONLY Fine raincoat is closer to my budget level, but is sitting in my wishlist in the hopes that they get additional stock in bigger sizes. They are all sold out except for the X-Small, so if you are teeny tiny, it is just so pretty I cannot deal! Send me photos of you wearing it so I can be envious.

While on the topic of luxuries, I always have a few watches in my wishlist. Superbalist has the most divine collection in a range of prices. Some of you might know I am Rose Gold obsessed, so these three are my current favourites…

Superbalist Black Friday Insta(1)

The Skagen Gitte is my favourte of the three, it is beautiful simplicity.  I love the colours and style of the DKNY Modernist in rose gold, the face background is a bit too busy for me though. I adore the DKNY Eastside, which also comes with a rose gold bracelet, but I prefer not to have a solid strap. They are all magnificent, and when I opened the app this morning I found the Fossil Essentialist in pink and fell hopelessly in love. So they will all 4 live in my wishlist and I will see if there is some kind of madness discounts on Friday.

fossil essentialist

I love sets of all kinds and Superbalist has a really lovely extensive Beauty section. This Van Cleef Reve Edp gift set is just so gorgeous. Imagine unwrapping it on Christmas Eve (when Brett and I exchange our gifts). I am so looking forward to trying the Benefit Happy Face set and the Starry Nights 5 piece brush set.

Superbalist beauty

So head over to Superbalist and get shopping! They have a while section set up for Black Friday already 😉

Please tag me on Instagram and share your finds!

All the love xxx

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