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Something special just for you ~ Lock-It Review {Giveaway Closed}

You know how I’m the very best gift giver? Well, I am! I always win at gift giving, because I really care about giving someone something with meaning. The secret to it for me is to pick something that you really wish that person would pick for you.

In the heart

I am incredibly sentimental and have a thing about personalised items. So when Mamahood approached me to do a review on one of their Mamahood Approved businesses that creates personalised floating charm lockets, I was instantly on board.


Lock-It is the heart-creation of fellow mommy, Tarryn Lichter; mom to the gorgeous 5 year old Cayley. Tarryn has a passion for jewelry and recognised that people wanted to own and wear things that reflect who they are and what holds meaning for them.

Tarryn & Cayley

How amazing is this concept – you get to create your own Lock-It locket from the chain to the individual charms, which can represent anything from your child’s birth to your pet to your secret code-word with your sister.Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 2.33.49 PM

It’s the perfect gift for so many occasions; your best friend’s birthday, a babyshower, a bride to be gift, women’s day, a precious keepsake for your daughter, niece or sister or simply a special something just for you. You could even get duplicate lockets so that you and someone special have something that reminds you of the special journey you have travelled together.

LockIt collage

I went with something special for me, since as a mommy, I end up spoiling Charly endlessly and never getting anything nice for me. And because you are a mommy, I have no doubt you are exactly the same; so I am going to give one of you a gorgeous Lock-It locket designed by you for you.

The process is simple enough; you would contact an agent in your area, and they send you a catalogue with pricing.

You then choose:


Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 2.45.39 PM

Charms 1
Charms 2

YOUR CHAIN / BRACELETScreen Shot 2015-07-16 at 2.47.22 PMScreen Shot 2015-07-16 at 2.47.47 PM

You pay via EFT and within a couple of days, your very own personalised Lock-It locket arrives at your door.


I loved creating my locket. I could easily spend all day every day creating lockets for the people in my life. The one I actually created was, as I said, just for me. It is plain silver, with a beautiful disc saying family. The charms I chose were my daughter’s birthstone in a heart shape; the word love to represent my husband; my father’s birthstone and a silver rose for my mother (whose name is Rose). I was unsure how full my locket would look, so I left off my sister and her family; but luckily the lockets are easy to add to, so I will be adding new charms for my sister, niece and brother-in-law as well.


Close Up

I like classic and simple jewelry for myself; but you can make them brightly coloured or blinged out, in gold, rose or silver; with or without sparkles. The ability to mix and match is endless and your final product can be 100% representative of you or the person you are gifting it to.

The website is still a work in progress; but their Facebook page is up and running and gorgeous. The website will soon contain the entire range of chains, lockets, tags, discs, dangles and charms. For now, the catalogue is lovely and easy to view.

And now over to the giveaway portion of today’s review. As I mentioned, you stand a chance to win your very own Lock-It locket. The winner will get to choose their own 25mm locket; their own disc, and 4 charms that mean something special to them.

How to enter…
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The winner will be announced on Friday the 24th of July. Good luck everybody!!

Sending all the love xx

*Sadly this giveaway is only open to those currently living in South Africa.

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Absolutely love these! I am extremely sentimental and something like this would NEVER leave my body!! Beautiful, creative and thoughtful idea! xc

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Fingers crossed! I’d love another locket! xx

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I absolutely love the idea of this, and would love to cherish and celebrate my beautiful daughters in this way!

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Oh I absolutely love this give away. Already thinking of what I would put together to best keep the boys close to my heart.

You know I share the love all over! And a loyal subscriber / reader of your blog

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Awwww; I know how special this would be for you <3 I will keep fingers and toes crossed for you xx

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