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Pregnant in (Durban) ~ Chatting with Zowrae

Today’s interview is with the beautifully named, Zowrae, who is due on the 4th of December this year. Zowrae is proof that there are mommies who have easy pregnancies, which is something I’m sure many mommies-to-be will be happy to hear!

Z 16w

Zowrae and hubby Andrew have been together since standard 8, for 15 and a half years, and married for 7 months on the 1st of June. They have seen the world together and shared so much of their lives already, and they are so excited to welcome the new addition into their world. “Little Mostert was not planned and took us both by surprise! I found out that we were to become parents on April Fools Day!”

“I couldn’t have a better person by my side to go through this adventure with. Andrew is going to be an amazing father. He is amazing with other people’s kids so I can just imagine how fantastic he will be with our baby.”

Teen love 16 & 18 years old
Teen love 16 & 18 years old

She lives in Durban, surrounded by family and friends. “I can’t even imagine what a lonely experience this might have been without them. I get calls and messages daily to find out if I am ok and if I need anything. The people in my life are just so special.”
Surrounded by friends and family

All of her close friends have had extremely easy pregnancies, so Zowrae was terrified she would be the one that had the worst symptoms. “I used to joke with all of them that they had left all the nonsense in the bucket for me. I really did not expect to get off as lucky as I have.”

She suffered a little from tender breasts and the usual pregnancy exhaustion, but the worst symptom she had was an overdeveloped sense of smell. “I had a love-hate relationship with my fridge. I have thrown absolutely everything out and cleaned it repeatedly, and I could still smell ‘something’. I have gone to all extremes by putting bicarb, vanilla essence, lemons, coffee – you name it – in the fridge! If someone said it helps a smell go away, I tried it.”

Overall she is feeling blessed. “I will not lie, I have had an amazing pregnancy so far. I absolutely hate vomiting and I prayed every single day that I would not have morning sickness. I joke and say God spared me that, but in turn made me a human hoover, because I have not been able to stop eating! Hahaha.”

There was a very scary couple of days at 11 weeks, when Zowrae experienced some light bleeding. “It happened on a Saturday, so I stayed in bed and called the doctor on Monday morning. He said to come straight in. I was very nervous but the second my baby popped up on the scan, he told me that Little Mostert was alive and well. I was so relieved! Little Mostert even put on a show for us and jumped about 4 times during the scan as if to say, ‘Look I am alive and well!’ After a week of bedrest I was absolutely fine. I started exercising again after two weeks and everything is going really great.”

Little Mostert 11 weeks
The highlight is definitely the prenatal scans days. “Scan days are the most amazing days. The look on my husbands face is so wonderful, he just lights up. Our Little Mostert is a wriggly worm and moves so much during the scans it really leaves us both on cloud nine. I wish we could take the machine home and peek in every day! hahaha.”

The best is yet to come for them though. “I am really looking forward to finding our what our little blessing is. Also the 4d scan! And all the kicking. I read the most amazing thing that right towards the end of your pregnancy, your husband can put his head on your tummy and listen to the baby’s heart beating. I am so excited that Andrew will have something special like that to experience on his own.”

Z belly kiss

Having your baby
Zowrae is hoping to have a natural birth with no pain medication. “I am under no illusion that giving birth will be a walk in the park. But I am a very healthy person and the only time I have ever been in hospital was when I was born. I am going to push for natural birth without epidural, as this also means I have no idea if I am allergic to anything that they would use.”

She has been preparing herself for this from day one, only considering pro-natural doctors and doing plenty of research. “Our baby will be born at Crompton in Pinetown, as they have water birth facilities and a proper birthing center; and the doctor I chose works there. I am also following suggestions from other mommies who have managed natural births, preparing my body through diet and exercise and that kind of thing.”

Pink or Blue?
With no sense as to whether they are expecting a girl or a boy, they have been excitedly waiting for the next big scan date in the hopes that Little Mostert will reveal all. “We are both completely clueless. Some days I think yes, Little Mostert could be a girl and then on other days I think I am sure Little Mostert is a boy. We are not fussy with regards to the gender, God will bless us with what He wants us to have.”

Black and White
They all managed to hold off on the baby shopping sprees until they received the all clear at 11 weeks. “I am obsessed with all things panda! I saw panda outfits when I was 4 weeks, but I managed to restrain myself until we had the all clear at 11 weeks from the doctor. Now Little Mostert has panda bibs, outfits, baby grows, slippers and socks. Our family has also climbed on our panda frenzy bus. As soon as the ‘all clear’ was given, our family has not stopped shopping and making the most amazing things. Our baby is so spoilt and we are so grateful for all the love and generosity from our family.”

Panda 1


Panda 3

Words of Wisdom
One thing you wish somebody had told you about pregnancy
I wish someone had told me i would be protective of my belly near instantly. I didn’t expect it at all. My husband and I go walking every afternoon on a busy promenade, and from the time I found out I was pregnant (at 4 weeks) I had this protective instinct to make sure people didn’t knock or walk into my belly.

The best advice you’ve received since being pregnant
Be patient with the grandparents (your parents or his) and all the advice that they give you. They are so excited and trying to show you that they love you and your baby. They aren’t trying to imply that you don’t know what you are doing, they are just trying to share the experience with you. Be grateful that they care, even though it may be hard take it in your stride.

Love your child, but do not forget your partner and always keep them as number one. Your child will eventually grow up and leave home to lead a life of their own. You promised to love, honour and cherish your husband till death do you part.

Advice for other first time mommies-to-be about pregnancy
One thing that I have learnt it is that pregnancies are like personalities, they are all so very different.

You were chosen to be this child’s parents so don’t be afraid. This child will teach you as many lessons as you teach him/her.

Advice for daddies-to-be from a pregnant mommy
Let’s face it, though pregnancy is not a disease, the first trimester can be a little rough. Be kind, caring and understanding. It will not last forever! Go on date nights, we still love to be in your company and be near you. You can be a complete breath of fresh air from all the woman who don’t stop talking about baby stuff and giving advice. Trust me, you talking about a new car that has just come out or talking to us as you always have will really be the best part of the day, or mine in any case.

Happy family~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thank you so much to Zowrae and Andrew for sharing their story with us. We wish you a continued easy pregnancy and birth and an even easier baby!

And that’s it! The last Pregnant in (_) interview in this series. If you have missed the others, you should defiitely go give them a read. I hope you enjoyed sharing in the journeys of all the amazing mommies and mommies-to-be through their pregnancies. I will definitely be doing a round up once all the babies are here so you can see how everything turned out.

For all of you heading into this journey, I wish you the easiest of times. I shared my journey extensively here (you can follow from day 1 by clicking on the dropdown under the Archives and going back to July 2013). I hope my story and the stories I’ve shared help you feel less alone. If you ever need to chat or have any questions, please feel free to reach out – I have nice easy buttons to hit to find me anywhere, the little envelope is my email 🙂  I love the emails and chats on social media from my readers and I always respond!

Sending all the love xx

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