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Porridge Brain Revisited

I have finally decided to do what I can to manage the porridge brain. 

Every single thing that needs doing is being entered into my iPhone calendar with its own reminder, from what meals I should be eating on which days, to payments I need to make (yes I have missed several of these), to work commitments, to writing and uploading posts, to birthdays and doctor appointments.

My first real experience of Porridge brain was driving to my parents to tell them the big news (about 5 minutes after I took the second test). I made Brett put the oven off and leave what was almost dinner in it, jumped into my car and drove flat out from Kenilworth to Lakeside on the M3. Arriving at my parents house there was an awful smell coming from my car which I quickly realised was the result of me having made the whole trip in under 15 minutes with my handbrake on.

I also regularly forget to pass messages on to people, though why anyone would ask a pregnant person to pass a message is beyond me – the porridge brain is such a well established thing, people should know better. Every time Brett says “Remind me to…” that is all I hear and all I remember; I roll my eyes as he does it and tell him not to be silly, but if he insists on doing it anyway that is on him! I have gotten better at adding important items to my iPhone notepad app, but it is mostly wasted as I simply forget to check it. From now on – into the calendar (It has reminder alarms unlike the notepad, so as long as I remember to set them I am winning).

I don’t think there is anything to be done about the mid-sentence drop-off though (and this has resulted in several deleted posts as well), I can be saying something of life-altering importance to someone and suddenly it is gone – instantly and completely. There have even been occasions when I have not realised I have stopped talking mid-sentence and simply walked away. I have to physically resist high-fiving myself every time I make it through a whole conversation.

And now an alarm has gone off telling me it is time to get ready for bed, baby needs some sleep – *Self High-Five!!*

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