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Number 99 & Teething Troubles

What a day! As you can see, I never reached my goal of posting my 100th post today. I am a little disappointed at that, but it is a special post for me, looking back at my journey so far as a mommy and a blogger; and I want it to get all the love it deserves.

The plan has been to prepare posts in advance for today; so I finished up my client work a little earlier in April. I never accounted for the public holidays; Charly cutting 8 teeth simultaneously (so far only two are through and only slightly); Charly catching a cold that turned her into a screeching baby koala (is that a thing?) that could not be anywhere but ON mommy all day every day (and all night every night); and then, of course, my catching Charly’s cold and morphing it into some weird tonsillitis variant and not being able to get a single second of rest or take proper medication because – breastfeeding. In other words: I made plans and life and parenthood happened. 

I thought I could still make it today, but Charly was beyond unhappy with her poor mouth hurting her and her little nose streaming, and she gets incredibly loud and tearful when she teethes – who wouldn’t really, I mean 8 teeth at once is a little insane!  

 There were also a few very minor teething troubles with the new blog, totally expected but still unsettling and slowing things down a bit. 

And guys, I still feel so sick! All sinussy (likely not a word) and face-achey (headachey in the face) and throat croaky and a little slow in the head. So my two brilliant new posts, particularly the 100th, is not something I wanted to squish in this late in the day when sane mommies are resting and snuggling their husbands or even blissfully asleep. 

I’ve been admiring my lovely site and reading your comments across my social media and I am just so happy! Today has been amazing. I’m overwhelmed by all the love and encouragement you have all shown this heart home of mine. Thank you so much!

Goodnight for now friends, 99 is still a special number right? And the 100th can have a day all to itself this week. 

Sending all the love xxx 

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Eep! Poor bubba 🙁 C had 8 which came through in sets of two at a moderate pace, then we had a few months of peace. These new 8 have been coming at us at the same time for a few weeks now, molars and canines – not the most fun of times

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