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My First Formal Review ~ The Toy Toggle {Giveaway Closed}

I LOVE this product – for real! Nobody paid me to say that. The creative mommy who designed and developed this proudly South African product, Lauren Zorab, contacted me and asked if I wanted to try one out with Charly and IF I liked it, I could do a giveaway to my readers.

Baby hands

Now, you know I don’t usually do this… But the good news is, I’m going to be doing it quite a bit from now on – giving away things I love. I promise I won’t ever try to foist anything onto you that I haven’t seen myself or that I don’t believe in 100%; deal?

Anyway, back to today’s product I love! It’s called a Toy Toggle and it’s simplicity is deceiving, because it becomes so essential to you once you’ve tried it. It is 3 simple straps, with press buttons and a flexible silicone band – seriously, that’s it! It was created to solve the problem of your cutie dropping or hurling anything or everything you give them the second they are settled somewhere.3straps

I felt a little like a failed genius when I first read about it, because I had created something similar – and by created, I mean found a long ribbon and tied it to whatever Charly was sitting on and tied as many things as I could to the ends. The fact that it was a nightmare to tie and untie the knots, got instantly grubby, and it slipped off the plastic of the sippy cups, drove me nuts though it did not deter me, and I never thought any further than that. This savvy mommy found solutions to those problems.Loops

It is so easy to use. The long strap attaches to whatever you choose – pram, highchair or car seat. I then attach the silicone band to the other end of that strap; which fits around all of Charly’s various shaped and sized sippy cups. The two shorter straps click onto the additional two buttons on the main strap; and the ability to select the size of the loop you need, means you can attach anything from dummies, to teething rings, to the favourite toy your child can’t live without (I’m looking at you Barney), securely, without worrying they will go missing on your travels – through mistake or mischief. Shopping with Barney

The straps are strong, holding up to Charly’s attempts to yank, bite or otherwise destroy them; and they are machine washable, which with a baby or toddler is an absolute prerequisite. There is a great range of colours, allowing you to make the tool as attractive to your child as the toys themselves.

Ideally I need three more sets, so I don’t have to constantly move them from one place to the next – one for the pram, car seat, highchair, and an extra one for her travel bag which is often too full to fit in the toys that have to go everywhere.


So, now the fun part… Three of you stand a chance to win a Toy Toggle in the colour of your choice!

Here’s how…

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Winners will be announced on Monday 11th May 2015.

This giveaway is sadly only open to those living in South Africa.

22 replies on “My First Formal Review ~ The Toy Toggle {Giveaway Closed}”

Liked & shared on Facebook & subscribed to your awesome website 🙂

This product looks like a very good idea 🙂 My little boy is only due at the beginning of August but it looks like something good to try for him 🙂

Hi Claire! Congrats!! It’s definitely something you will find great even from tiny – no lost or dirty dummies or bottles or toys in the car and the pram. Best of luck!!

Liked and shared on Facebook!

This looks like an awesome product Mands! ps. I love the new blog!!

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