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My Favourite Things – The Book Owl

Hello lovelies! After my recent rant, I thought you might need something a little lighter. Although I do review some amazing products and services when we do our giveaways, some things just really take my breath away and I feel that those things deserve a special place here. And so I created this little section – My Favourite Things.

In My Favourite Things, I will share products or experiences that literally made my day or week or life better or easier in some way. Although some of the items that make this list will have been sent to me for free, not everything I get will make this list. And it will also contain things that I have bought myself! Nobody can buy their way into this list, and if there is something you think that I MUST try or see; please get in touch! For those who don’t know, today is World Book Day (Yahooo); how perfect then that my the service that makes the very top of My Favourite Things list is subscription book service The Book Owl!

The Book Owl front page

The Book Owl

This incredible subscription service has topped my personal list of my favourite things since I first stumbled onto it. For those who may not have been around for very long, The Book Owl and its owner Kirsten have featured often here on the blog and across all our social media every month when our delivery arrives.

Signing up for the 6 month subscription was the best investment I have made for my daughter so far. Every month, three beautifully wrapped high quality books arrive in their cardboard box, and I am never quite sure whether Charly or I gets more excited to see that little owl.

Book Owl collage

So… The Book Owl. You know how your kids fall in love with certain books? And then you have to read that book over and over and over until you are literally “resting your eyes” reciting it out of your head while your (STILL) enthusiastic toddler turns the pages…

Kirsten was experiencing this with her little boy and fervently wished that somebody would magically drop new just-as-enticing books that would instantly engage her son and his interests every month so that she wouldn’t lose her mind having to read Toddle Waddle one more time. Most of us have had moments where we wish for divine intervention of some sort; the difference is, Kirsten decided to create that magic! And so The Book Owl was born.

When you sign up for the service (which you MUST), you fill out an easy form on the website with all your details. A very special part of those details is the “more”, where you talk about you child or children – their likes, what kind of books they love (and have), what their favourite animals or characters are…

You pay a once off fee for a 1,3 or 6 month subscription and just as Kirsten once wished for; 3 books chosen JUST for your child, tailored to their tastes and current obsessions, appropriate for their age group, guaranteed to distract them from the one millionth rehash of Monkey Puzzle, arrives wrapped individually to add to your child’s excitement every month.

Book Owl Delivery

This reads like a PR piece I’ve written for a client… But it isn’t. I am just so very passionate about people and services that get it JUST right.

Kirsten follows my blog and my social media; and you know how I know this? Because after Charly encountered a llama (that she thought was a camel) and became obsessed, her Book Owl delivery contained this!!!

Book Owl Llama

Kirsten has expanded our Julia Donaldson collection, she has introduced us to the gorgeous illustrations of Emily Gravett’s Dogs and Matilda’s cat, which top Charly’s My Favourite Things list. To fulfil Charly’s utter adoration of stickers, Kirsten makes sure there is an amazing sticker book includes each month. And we got an extra special delivery for Charly’s birthday!

The Book Owl Birthday Box

The Book Owl and its phenomenal owner make me feel like my child is loved. That she follows us and comments on our Instagram and Facebook photos, makes me feel like she really cares about my child and what she is up to and what she is learning this week or this month. And that she goes out of her way to make my little girl smile and laugh by choosing books that I KNOW are just for her, even though she has never met her, makes me want to tell the whole world how amazing she and her service is.

So that’s it, that is my very first, and the very top, of My Favorite things list.

Invest in The Book Owl for your child, or for you, so that once a month you can smile while your child rips open their presents. And that night you can snuggle up and read them new stories, that you will be reading every night until the next Book Owl delivery arrives.

Sending all the love xx

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