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We are now the Mother City Millers

It is time to take back my space, and this is the best way I could think of doing it! Pregnant in Cape Town is all grown up and we are now Mother City Millers!

The past two years have been incredibly hard. And instead of retreating to this space to process and share it, I avoided it. It began representing a bigger heartbreak than I could face.

Letting go of a brand name might seem simple enough… But #PregnantInCapeTown has been a huge part of my identity for years! Sharing daily on Instagram under this brand for almost 8 years… longer on Twitter and Facebook… is the longest I’ve ever stuck to anything.

becoming pregnant in cape town

The moment I fell pregnant, I changed my entire life. I bought my domain straight away. I left my job in PR and Marketing within days; a job I loved and was great at. My first freelance client signed a week after I resigned. I worked with them for 4 years before parting ways so I could focus on #CarseatFullstop. I was a newlywed for as long as the honeymoon lasted… Before becoming a honeymoon mom-to-be and then a mom.

In the years since falling pregnant, I’ve built multiple businesses. I have supported and helped to build many other small businesses and bloggers. I’ve worked with dozens of brands, been on TV and radio, been published in the papers.

I fell pregnant in 2018, was so excited to begin “Pregnant in Cape Town Again”… Then lost the baby, nearly died and I’ve been very slowly working to accept that I will never be Pregnant in Cape Town again.

growing into mother city millers

While our new name is simple enough… Us being the Millers and living in the Mother City of Cape Town; there is more to it too. I feel it holds the history of Pregnant In Cape Town. This is also a space that I will always tie to motherhood… Where I am forever surrounded by an ever-growing tribe of other mothers.

Cape Town has always been my home. It has always been Brett’s home. And Charly’s home, of course. And I am 99% sure that it always will be my home and the place that Charly will always think of as home.

We are South African to the core and love the amazing colours and cultures and creativity that make up our home. It is the context of my life and the way I live and parent. As so many of my friends begin adventures of life in foreign countries, I hope that I remain an ever-present reminder of home.

My friend Megan Andrews is so incredibly talented!

Having connected through our online spaces years ago, she truly understood the overwhelming emotional toll the PiCT brand was having on me. And in a time when I couldn’t afford to pay her what she deserves more than anybody I can think of, she still created something deeply personal and special for me.

Mother City Millers

Those are the actual profiles of my little family! She incorporated Charly and my hair, which also perfectly symbolises our Cape seas… Surrounding the most Mother City symbol of all, our ever-present Table Mountain.

I also love how it is very postage-stamp like… Because what I do is send my love and our lives out into the world from my little space in Cape Town, South Africa, in every post.

Other than the name and branding, not much is changing. I’m reclaiming my voice and rejoining the South African blogger community properly.

What do you think of the new name?

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