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The magic of Barbie

I didn’t know that there has been an annual Holiday Barbie for over 25 years!! As you all know, I am an obsessive collector of certain things. I suspect my parents may have been keeping this from me. We couldn’t afford the beautiful Barbies when we were little. My folks went out of their way saving up to get my sister one, but I never had much interest… I had a Ken doll though.

When I was 10, I was saving up for a pair of plain black Dr Martens. I had the copycat ones, but I so desperately wanted the reals ones. And then one day I saw Ultra Hair Barbie and I HAD to have her. It was around this time that my daddy was diagnosed with cancer, which they didn’t think he would survive. So possibly that added to me wanting something beautiful and perfect, that was more for “little kids”. And then there was her hair… See the hair?!

Ultra Hair Holiday Barbie

All my life I’ve been obsessed with long hair. My sister and all my friends had that magical quick growing gorgeous looooooong hair… mine grew out, never down, until I fell pregnant… And now I finally have that hair. I never got Dr Martens.

Holiday barbie ultra hairBarbie for me remains a magical talisman. My daddy survived terminal cancer. She was the first thing I ever bought with my very own money. She wasn’t a toy to me, she was a symbol of the future I wanted. Happy, having never had to face death or bankruptcy, beautiful and with never-ending hair.

I think that is the whole point of Barbie really. She is the possibility of all you can be. That is also why I am a little obsessed with the international Barbie’s… there is a whole range of dolls of different sizes and colours and heights. Over the years, they have symbolised more than just beauty and grace. They have Barbie’s of every profession, strong, independent role models for little girls.

I never had another Barbie after Ultra Hair. Until Mattel sent me (well, technically Charly) this incredibly gorgeous Holiday Barbie. This is the first year that Mattel brought out more than one Holiday Barbie. There are 3 of them and I honestly desperately want all of them. So much so, that when they contacted me I told them to choose which one to send, because I just couldn’t choose.

holiday barbie festive

Charly’s face when she first saw her was EVERYTHING. I saw that same leap of the heart I experienced on holding my own Barbie for the first time.

Holiday Barbie face vid

Opening her up and seeing the incredible detail on the ball gown and watching Charly dance around the room with her literally made my year.

 Holiday Barbie

 Holiday Barbie faces

Listen here… If you are a mom of boys, I will NOT judge. Holiday Barbie isn’t really a toy… She is a collectable. She comes with a stand, so she can be kept forever beautiful on a shelf where you can take her down and relive your childhood or be reminded of special time with your sister or cousin or best friend. Or maybe you weren’t into Barbie’s, you were a bit more rough and tumble and now you hold your breath when you see these dolls because you feel like there was something missing.


 Holiday Barbie packaging

Sending you alllll the love xxx







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I enjoyed Barbies growing up and now my daughter love’s to play with Barbie dolls. I would love to win this for her! Thanks for the giveaway! Saw and shared on Twitter (@flutterbymegs). Fingers crossed 😉

My daughter liked your Facebook post and it popped up in my feed. I know she is a Barbie collector and this will be such a great gift after her greatest loss. I’ve shared on Twitter and Facebook. #HolidayBarbieAqua

I am big Barbie fan and have shared this on Facebook and twitter @renegroyer
First saw post on my Facebook news feed about this competition.

Hi 😊😊 I saw it on the lovely PREGNANT IN CAPETOWN FACEBOOK PAGE 💗💗 I shared it via FB and Twitter my twitter handle is @Chantel_90236 a pretty little girl Keshni our angel loves #HolidayBarbieAqua , she is cray cray about it, would love nothing more than to make her Christmas so special with this prize 💚🌲💚🌲💚🌲 all Barbie fingers and toes crossed yayyy 😊😊😊 awesome blog BTW I enjoyed the read 💗

Saw it on Pregnant in Cape Town and forever after Facebook page. My daughter would absolutely love one of these, she is such a girly girl.
P.S. I also only had one Barbie growing up and I cherished it so

I saw it of Facebook – Tums 2 Tots
I also had an ultra hair barbie, weren’t they just amazing? I’m also still wearing my hair very very long and I’m pretty sure it was inspired by that barbie at that time of my life.

I saw the competition on Facebook on Pregnant in Cape Town & Ever After’s page. I have shared on Facebook and Twitter 🙂 <3 Crossing fingers and toes for this one 🙂

You really said it best.
She’s a talisman stating you can be ANYTHING and ANYONE.
Oddly enough she’s the reason I wanted to be a vet and despite her unrealistic body proportions and standards of beauty I’m so very glad that Fysh loves Barbie as well. (oh and he doesn’t like ken. Apparently ken is a dead beat who loafs off Barbie hahaha)

Shared on Twitter, commented and love the #HolidayBarbieAqua

I saw this post on 😊 #HolidayBarbieAqua
I have 2 boys, so I never get to buy girlie things, its Spiderman and Batman all the way. But I do have some adorable nieces who would love to play with her when they come visit 😍

Fingers crossed all the way….. brought back so many memories of my childhood while reading this story. My little girl will LOVE this Barbie doll. Good luck to all. xxx

My daughter would LOVE #HolidayBarbieAqua <3 I saw the advert on Pregnant In Cape Town – LOVED AND SHARED ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM <3

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