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Living Online – Part 1 : Mobile Services

I’m a homebody; there’s no getting around it or denying it. I love entertaining and having visitors, so it’s not that I’m antisocial; I am just at my happiest in my own space. I look forward to the day, hopefully in the not too distant future, where my own space has more space, but I don’t seem to have the urge others have to get out or go stir crazy.

I am online – on my MacBook, iPad, my HP laptop or my iPhone – pretty much constantly. I chat to my friends and family, I read the news, I interact on social media. I have a rich and happy life online, so I don’t feel like I am missing anything by wanting to be in my own space.

I’m also an incredibly busy work-from-home mommy who really struggles to make time for myself, so anything that saves me time, particularly by removing the need for me to sit in traffic or wait on other people is a big win for me.

There are two things that make my life so much easier as a person who “lives” online – mobile services and online shopping … Here are some of my favourites you should definitely take a look at – starting with mobile services, to be followed by online shopping in my next post!

Mobile services

Beauty Therapists

I use two amazing ladies, depending on their availability. One specialises in mobile services though; she does tinting and shaping of my brows and eyebrows once a month and I recommend her highly. My brows and lashes are naturally white blonde, so the fact that she makes me look like this makes me very happy 🙂

Venetia Heuvel – ‪076 037 7499‬

Massage Therapist

Although Angsana Spa at the Vineyard hotel is one of my favourite places in the world; one of my friends got me a mobile masseuse for my birthday and I have since used her twice. She is so good that I chose to use her over using one of my Angsana vouchers! She comes to my home, sets up everything from her bed to her music, and I get to enjoy a full 2 hour massage without stepping out of my front door. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Suzanne Wocker – ‪072 200 4166‬


I saw a friend raving about a mobile hairdresser on facebook a little while ago. We had Charly’s first birthday photoshoot on Saturday so I thought I would see if she was free. My first experience with any hairdresser is me repeatedly telling them how impossible my hair is and refusing to let them near me with scissors; so the appointment was for a blowdry & straighten. This was the result; what do you think?

I’m happy and will definitely be using her again – no more waiting for running-late stylists and no more watching my hair frizz in the car mirror from the heat or the rain during the trip home. Win!

Melissa Pretorius – 076 406 8570


My beauty therapist friends can do these as well, but I had the most amazing experience with a recommended nail specialist and if you are just looking for gorgeous nails, she is the person you want!! Of course there is an upside to going to a salon, but for me, relaxing in my own home and knowing I won’t ruin my nails before I even reach my car (wallet, handbag, car keys) – priceless!

(Excuse the swollen Preggy hands and belly)

Nelia De Andrade – 076 016 9910

Something Special

For hair and makeup for a photoshoot or special occasion, I have used a few different people. I have to start with the incredible Kristy Cochius, because she took me and made me look like this:


Yes, that really is me! Kristy has her own salon and makeup school and does professional hair and makeup for media and special occasions, so if you want her, you need to book her weeeeeeell in advance.

Kristy Cochius – 082 427 9281

Kristy recommended the sweetest replacement when she couldn’t help me out for my pregnancy photoshoot. Stephanie is just lovely and this was the result of her attention 🙂

Stephanie Leonard – 072 283 8861

Last, but certainly not least, my incredibly beautiful sister-in-law recently started her own business called Artesstry – How amazing is that name?! She has made my hair beautiful for me in the past, most notably, the day before Charly was born.

And she has loads of sample work on her Facebook page, so head over and have a look.

Tess Miller – 082 696 8853

So these are my all-time favourites; do you guys have any that I should know about?

**This is in no way a sponsored post! I have not received any payment or free services to write this; I just believe they are awesome 🙂

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