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We are loving the Little Live Range!

I work closely with the Prima Toys brand through my magazine, Tums 2 Tots Online. They sent Charly a whole range of their toys to review for our Christmas lists this year. We put a lot of thought into what makes it on to our lists, and Prima made it hard this year! So hard that we had to create a 2-part list to get it all in! (You can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.) Their Little Live collection of toys is quite exceptional. If your little one is “ready” for a pet, but you and your patience aren’t… I may just have the solution for you.

What are Little Live Toys?

The Little Live range are a collection of realistic toy pets, and more recently baby dolls, for your little one to love and care for. Combining the magic of the element of surprise, the excitement of collectibles, along with top quality interactive robotic toys is a winning combination!

Little Live Pets Surprise Hatching Chick

At Easter, Prima Toys sent Charly a Little Live Pets Surprise Hatching Chick. The Little Live Surprise chicks come as a speckled egg that holds chirping and pecking noises… At a crescendo, the egg cracks open to release 1 of 5 possible adorable little hopping chicks. The look of surprise and joy on your little one’s face as they see which of the collectible chicks they have hatched is equal only to how high they jump every time the egg clacks open. Which, by the way, it can do over and over again.

copyright mlm Charly little live chick

You can buy the Little Live Pets Surprise Hatching chicks from Toys R Us for R299.99. We adore our little chick! How could it get any better?

Little Live Pets Surprise Hatching Dragon

Yup, in my personal opinion, a gem-encrusted dragon’s egg, set to release one of 4 magic dragons is indeed better!

COPYRIGHT MLM Dragon in content 1COPYRIGHT MLM Dragon in content 2(1)

You could hatch Splash the Ocean Dragon, Shiver the Ice Dragon, Sparx the Star Dragon or Daisy the Flower Dragon… Or even the Limited Edition Ruby Dragon! The noises and tapping in the beautiful little egg builds along with the excitement of seeing who will emerge. And the adorableness of your little dragon hopping out of their egg, flapping their little wings is beyond words! Buy your Little Live Pets Surprise Hatching Dragon from Toy Kingdom for R349.99.

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Little Live Scruff-A-Luvs

This idea blew my mind. It makes me a little jealous that there are people out there that are this creative! Jealous, but grateful, that I get to experience the results with Charly. The idea behind the Scruff-A-Luvs is to encourage children to see past first appearances, hoping to increase adoption of abandoned pets.

Your Scruff-A-Luv maintains the element of surprise that its predecessors began… Inside the little carry case is a matted ball of fur with big beautiful eyes. (How they got a ball of matted fur to look THAT adorable is a special kind of magic!) Your little rescue may be a bunny, a puppy or a kitten. Only after taking care of it, does its true form appear.

It is amazing how that ball of fur instantly got Charly’s empathy going. She instinctively knew that it needed to be given a wash and a dry and a brush and endless love and cuddles. (My mommy heart was very full in that moment!)

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Day 1721 – 27 Oct 18 : Some #behindthescenes shots from our recording of the amazingness that is the @scruffaluvs pet from @primatoys #ChristmasList 😍 I’ve been DYING to get my hands on one since I saw them launched in Jhb earlier this year and it is even better than I had hoped for. Charly and I are besotted 😍 Can’t wait to share with you all!! Any guesses as to which little surprise pet Charly got? The choices are puppy, bunny or kitten. I’m not actually sure of all three are available in SA 😂 I am waiting to hear back on that and will know before the video comes out 😁🤩♥️ I know I’m speaking soon and we’ve already had some amazing little character gifts so far, but I’m teetering in calling this as the #BestGiftEver for 2018… (Ps. @ohsoheavenlysa Charly chose the #OilsOfAfrica body wash so that her new baby would smell “like a new baby is meant to smell”)

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The Little Live Scruff-A-Luvs experience did not disappoint. Charly’s Lily is never far from her and cannot sleep without her. After endless days of play and nights of snuggles, Lily could probably need another bath and brush… And your little one can do this! Teaching your child about responsibility and caring for something they love can only be an amazing gift to them and the world.

You can watch the whole video of Lily emerging from her scruff-ball state here –

At only R299.99 from Toys R Us or Game, I think this is one of the best buys of the year.

Little Live Bizzy Bubs

If you are expecting another little one, or your child is asking for a sibling; maybe a Little Live Bizzy Bubs is the answer to delaying them!


These interactive, engaging, adorable little dolls are amazing! (My mom is a massive fan and keeps pulling little Primmy out to play with.) There are two crawlers, Primmy and Poppy, and two toddlers, Polly Petals and Snowbeam.

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These little cuties toddle or crawl, gurgling, giggling, suckling on their bottles or dummies and making sleepy noises. The burps and farts will no doubt have your little one in peals of laughter, as (much to my embarrassment) it does with Charly. You can buy your Bizzy Bubs with a bottle and pacifier for R399.99, or in a playset for R499.99.

Little Live Pets

Since we began collecting Little Live friends, there have been quite a few additions. A baby hedgehog that can curl into a ball, adorable little mice, pet birds and cages, a ladybug and even a unicorn! There really is a Little Live friend for every child. Our last mention today is of the Little Live Pets My Dream Puppy range.

Little Live Pets My Dream Puppy COPYRIGHT MLM puppy in content 2(2)

While I adore all these little robotic toys, the one need they don’t meet for me is snuggles! I am, without a doubt, a fluffy toy person… A trait I have definitely passed on to Charly. I am therefore sorely tempted to get one of these realistic, cuddly, interactive puppies… Snuggles, the Little Live My Dream Puppy, is in my opinion one of the very best Little Live Pets.

Not only do these cuties make ridiculously cute puppy noises, have 6 different play modes, “breathe” when they sleep, and open and close their eyes… They are also soft and squirmy and playful, feeling like a real life puppy to your little ones!

Be sure to go check out all our Christmas Lists on Tums 2 Tots Online!

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