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Kids Book Club Winner

Hello lovelies! Sorry for the delay, it has been quite a week with a sick little miss and an exhausted mommy. But I haven’t forgotten about our Kids Book Club winner.

I couldn’t do our draw without my little helper and our little helper was in no state to help anyone yesterday. Luckily today she has been much more herself and was so excited to help choose our Kids Book Club winner!

As a reminder, the prize is an introductory one month free subscription to Kids Book Club.

Kids Book Club is a lovely affordable book subscription service for kids up to 9 years old. Each month, each age group receives 2 books; from touch and feel for babies and toddlers through to activity and reading books for older children. The free access to 20 worksheets and colouring sheets, is a great add on for growing kids. And a glossy mag or two for you doesn’t hurt! The books arrive in a monthly themed carry bag, so your kids can collect these gorgeous colourful bags as well.

At only R160 for one child (and less per child the more you add) for 2 kids books you are getting good value for money, and that’s before the add ons. The subscription automatically renews each month, but allows you to cancel anytime on their really easy to navigate website. So it is definitely a solid investment in growing your child’s love of books!

There has been the slightest change to how I run the competitions that you would have noticed. Instead of me having to type hundreds of names and entries into a spreadsheet, you fill out an entry form and I can see all the entries in the system 🙂

The rest remains the same…

3 sets of numbers in different colours (this is the final order the numbers will appear in)

Draw Number order

Each set is put into Charly’s little Oh!Boy bag individually and she randomly draws a number from each…

Kids Book Club Winner 1

Kids Book Club Winner 2

Kids Book Club Winner 3

Kids Book Club Winner 4

Kids Book Club Winner 5

Kids Book Club Winner 6

Kids Book Club Winner

And the winning number is…

Kids Book Club Winner 9

Kids Book Club Winner 9 Lydia

Congratulations to Lydia Emmett! Thanks to my handy entry form, we have your contact details 🙂 We will pass them on to Kids Book Club and they will be in touch asap!

Thank you all for entering!

If you want to hang around, there was quite a popular post published late last week in case you missed it; would love your thoughts…

Sending all the love xx

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