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Introducing “All I want for christmas is…”

I am having a rough week, and I needed to do something to lift my spirits, so I decided to announce my new series launching next week. It occurred to me that I didn’t have to actually wait for Christmas this year to get into the spirit. As you all know, the spirit for me is all about giving, about showing others how much I care about them by finding the perfect gift.


So I decided I’d take that one step further, by creating my very own Christmas wish list for all aspects of the season and sharing it with all of you. I approached loads of special businesses and made sure their products and services were perfectly as advertised, so that you could have a reliable source for your very own Christmas lists.

While I did receive some free items from certain of the businesses, it was purely to ensure the quality was high and the service was extra special. I was not paid anything by anyone and nobody would make the list if I didn’t love what I experienced from them. You will even recognise some of the names as I have worked with them before and I remain besotted with the products, brands and service.

Xmas Brands

Every week I will be showcasing a handful of gorgeous things under a heading, the articles will be ~
All I want for Christmas is…
To decorate ~ 20 October
Something handmade with love ~ 27 October
The perfect gift for my toddler ~ 3 November
The perfect gift for my hubby ~ 10 November
All the books ~ 17 November
To dress up my toddler ~ 24 November
Something just for me ~ 1 December
To give to others ~ 8 December

Here is a little taster of some of the amazing items I will be sharing with you…


Embroidered napkins

Rainbow Magic


Darling Jane

pink maree

Gift Face

Charly open arms

I will also be working with some of these brands on giveaways in the buildup to Christmas so you can try win a few things to secret away from Santa.

I can’t wait to share the Christmas cheer with all of you!

Sending all the love xx

16 replies on “Introducing “All I want for christmas is…””

Thank YOU so much for being a part of it! I am so honoured to be able to share your beautiful work <3

It is soooooo gorgeous 😀 Charly likes pretending it is a blankie when she isn’t filling it with things! Rainbow Magic has the most beautiful things <3

You are awesome and my child plays with her playdo every single day and won’t touch it without her apron 😀 It is SUCH a win <3

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