All I Want for Christmas Series

Did you win the perfect gift from Watercolour Heart?

I wish all of you could win something this special from Watercolour Heart to share with your loved ones this Christmas. Sadly there can be only one winner, but I hope you send those photos through to Jess and let her create one of these amazing Christmas sets for you.

COPYRIGHT WH Blue gift set

The only questions is, what are you going to turn that digital illustration into… Christmas cards for the whole family? Special canvas prints? Framed artworks? Novelty gifts, like mugs or t-shifts or even see if you can find someone who can prints the image over and over and make exquisite personalised wrapping paper… The possibilities really are endless.

I know that you have seen Watercolour Heart everywhere in my posts lately (like here, here and here), and I feel like I need to be very clear about something. While Jess has done illustrations of Charly for me, she has not paid for any of the mentions in or around this Christmas series. I am just totally besotted with the idea of something this personal and unique as a gift for the people you love.


I am planning to get her to do some very special illustrations of myself and my cousins and having them printed to canvas as gifts – and I will be paying her for them! Her prices are amazing considering the fact that she is creating an actual artwork for you; from only R350 for one person to R650 for 6 people; and every Christmas wreath order comes with a set of 8 labels (2 each of the matching set of 4).

COPYRIGHT WH Wreath & tags

And now, over to my little cutie to see which of you has won the perfect gift from Watercolour Heart!

Every one of your entries has been manually randomly put into a spreadsheet by me personally; and I have created 3 sets of numbers in different colours (this is the final order the numbers will appear in).

Draw Number order

Charly then draws one number of each colour from her little bag, she was SO excited to do this today 🙂

COPYRIGHT MLM Happy for the draw

COPYRIGHT MLM First number


COPYRIGHT MLM Peeping second number


COPYRIGHT MLM It's a green oooooo

COPYRIGHT MLM green zero

COPYRIGHT MLM What will it be



And then sort them into the right order and find the number in the spreadsheet, and our Watercolour Heart Christmas set winner is…


WH Winner LB

Congratulations Lara! And even better, I get to share with you all the photo she will be having illustrated by Jess of Watercolour Heart, because that was the entry that won!! WH Winner Lara Baker

Lara, please send your contact information to me on so that I can pass it on to Jess to get in touch with you!

For those of you who missed it, Jess also made an appearance in All I want for Christmas is the perfect gift for my hubby, so if you are a person who struggles to buy gifts for hte menfolk in your lives, head over and check it out!

Sending all the love xx



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