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Creativity & Butterflies

Another week between posts and I am feeling terribly guilty about it; but it has been a busy and productive week and I am feeling good! I am finally germ free – YAY! I was incredibly well behaved the rest of last week, stayed in bed, rested and drank loads of water, made very few trips out of the house, took it slow and only went places I would be able to relax and be safe and warm.

I have been feeling what I suspected was our little girl “plopping” on and off since last week, but because I could not describe the feeling (it was definitely not butterflies or bubbles) I kept it very quiet. This evening Brett & I went for Chinese (Kelvin Grove’s Champagne & Sushi Bar makes the BEST Chicken Chow Mein ever) and as we stood to leave, I felt her turn over without a doubt. Brett pulled my top up in the restaurant and could feel “something” but he couldn’t say for sure it was movement. I get that, it is how I have been feeling this past week; I can’t wait til she is stronger so he can feel this too – happy happy!

I have been working again the last two days, my mind is feeling fresh and stretched and I am truly loving writing and working from home – I am never more inspired than curled up in my pajamas listening to the rain and knowing there is no reason for me to go out in it!

Speaking of inspiration, my swarming butterfly chandelier is back in progress, I have bought fresh components and will be working on it on Thursday again. I got a little sidetracked by another butterfly project I set my heart on and it is all done and waiting to be hung on our little girl’s wall once the new carpets are in and her cherry blossom tree decal and furniture arrives. And so… this is how it went!

First off I went and bought another butterfly punch (the other one was not right for this project), several shades of pink card and a 20X20 canvas.

1.Paper & Punch

I adore butterfly punches, I have a feeling I will continue to find butterfly art to create simply so I can continue making hundreds of colourful butterflies. Which is exactly what I did, made lots and lots of butterflies in varying shades of pink.

3.Under Butterfly Punch

5.Many Butterflies

I then painstakingly folded each one on either side of the body and began to glue them to the canvas. Every butterfly was glued in a different way – some down the body, some under the right wing, and others under the left, to give them the impression of having just landed or just about to fly away. I also glued them facing in all directions, trying to capture the essence of movement. Did you know that the collective noun for butterflies is a rabble, a flutter, a kaleidoscope, a rainbow or a swarm of butterflies… I think I like a flutter of butterflies best and that is exactly what I was trying to capture!

8.The Beginning

9.Step Two

10.Step Three

11.Taking Shape

13.All done

So, what does everyone think?? I am very proud of myself and am thrilled that at least one pregnancy symptom has been absolutely positive – creativity and butterflies!

And so, that is what I have been up to this past week. Our little girl is growing fast now, my tummy is expanding daily along with the stretchy achy pains in both tummy and back that entails. I have been battling with hormone headaches and neck ache and heartburn – but all of it seems a little more manageable as the days go by. Mostly, I am happy and excited and inspired and loving and feeling loved… P.S. Did you hear… I am going to be a mom!!

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Hi There
I got them from a scrap booking shop in Kenilworth, just off Belvedere Rd, close to the Woollies. The name is completely eluding me right now, but I’m sure if you check other craft shops you might find them.
Thanks 🙂
MM x

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