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Coming along nicely…

Things are definitely coming along nicely… I have started my research for the resources page, have had the Paint version of my logo (designed by me) polished up by a graphic designer on the Internet, have had hubby put together a forum, have set up my Facebook and Twitter accounts, have invited everyone to check it all out, have posted a few blogs and even taught myself how to create and install widgets and plugins on the website; but then there are days like today where I look at something simple like creating the first forum category and it all just seems impossible.

I am so grateful for the keen interest and participation of all of you in this new venture of mine (both the pregnancy and the website). My amazing husband has managed to put together a forum for the site and I am meant to be setting it up, but I am so tired (Yes, there is a distinct whine in my voice even in my head)! I am feeling irritable today for no apparent reason and guilty because I feel like I should be blogging furiously all day every day and instantly transforming it all into the perfect resource for all pregnant women to repay everyone for following me.

I know this is because I am so so tired and tired has always equated to tearful and miserable in my world (can you not WAIT to see what I am like a few weeks into having a baby with no sleep) and this has been magnified by the pregnancy hormones of course (again fast forward to a few weeks after baby comes along and have a good laugh; my poor poor husband).

Last night Brett and I went and enjoyed a lovely early evening Whisky tasting ( I “nosed” and he tasted) with some wonderful people, had burgers at the always awesome Hudson’s in Claremont after and we were still home and in bed before 10pm and yet I feel like I partied straight through the night and drank bottles of booze and I am dying of a hangover. The urge to never leave the house after 5pm is strong with me today.

I faithfully promise that before I go to bed tonight I will either have started my resources page or have finalised the forum so that another small step is taken to turning this into the site I have envisioned. And I think the only way to get that right is for me to go and take a good solid nap now. Til later…

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