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Celebrating the good things

Instead of focusing on the tough week I’ve had (I will be reviewing that later once I have a bit of distance), I decided I am going to be sharing and celebrating the good things that I have been up to lately.

Let’s start at the beginning…

My beautiful baby girl is 20 months old, happy, balanced, smart, chatty and loved by everybody who meets her and many people who have yet to meet her. My husband is gorgeous and smart and supportive and loves helping me achieve my dreams and goals. My parents are healthy and able to play a huge role in the lives of their children and grandchildren. My sister has an amazing family that I adore and is madly talented and expanding her business in new and exciting ways. I have incredible friends, some that I see often and some that I have never even met. I am getting to meet the awesome Andrea Barras in person for the first time in three weeks. I am healthy and being offered incredible opportunities almost daily and, for the first time in my life, I am finding the power in saying yes instead of being afraid of change, and I am able to work my butt off every day and do what I love.

Lighting up

Daddy love

Cool cat smile


This beautiful blog of mine is giving me a lot of fulfillment lately. It makes me so very happy when one of my stories reaches out to others and resonates with them. I can’t begin to tell you what it does for my heart to know these stories have been read by almost 5000 people!! In case you missed them, they were ~
To all the mommies worrying about being a good mommy
When breastfeeding sucks
and this week’s, How many times can the mommy heart break?

I am also loving my giveaways at the moment, the amazing international Bratz doll giveaway running this week being my main focus. But I have SO many awesome things in store in the coming months… I cannot even begin to tell you! And my new series, All I want for Christmas is, has me literally BURSTING with excitement; I cannot WAIT to share all the lovely things with you all! And look at this beautiful banner my very favourite Andrea Barras made just for you 🙂 She makes me want to keep creating things so she can make all the pretties for them!



The South African Sisterhood was launched exactly one month ago yesterday! We celebrated our 10,000 members mark last week and are growing every day. The constant positivity, love, fun, learning and unwavering support this group provides, especially when I have found myself in a difficult place, is unparalleled. I feel so incredibly honoured to have created this space with Laverne and I cannot wait to share all the amazing things we have planned. And can you even begin to express how much you LOVE our new branding! All thanks to the incredibly talented Tracey-Leigh Preston from over at Oh So Charming.


I am loving the work I am doing with my business clients. My long term client is trying some new things on the business social media front, which is great for me as I see how the results translate for us. I am also loving doing brand consulting work with an incredibly talented photographer and I can’t wait to share her fresh new brand with everybody!

Mandy Lee Miller Banner

I’ve also been featured in a few places over the past few months, which, I cannot lie, NEVER gets old 🙂 I absolutely LOVE that people care enough about what I have to say to feature or mention me! So, go show them some love and like their posts 🙂

I wrote on being a distracted parent on BabyGroup
When Breastfeeding sucks was featured on All4Women
I shared some tips on ways new Dads can bond with baby on BabyGroup
My gorgeous friend Cassey featured me in her Meet My Friend in My Computer series on Bits and Pieces
I was featured on the awesome JustEllaBella’s “The Real WAHMs of SA” series
I was also incredibly flattered to have made 2 favourite lists on Caffeine And Fairydust and Crazy momma of three

I also have some HUGE news to share with you all, but it will be a few weeks before I can 🙂 Suffice it to say I am celebrating hugely today, while simultaneously questioning my sanity on embarking on such an amazing new journey – and NO!! I am not pregnant again 😀

Happy weekend everybody!Celebrations

Sending ALL the love!! xx

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Hi love,
No real good news as yet; it has been up and down. I am tracking every day and will share the whole journey once I feel a little closer to the end of it xx

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