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Celebrating the good things

Instead of focusing on the tough week I’ve had (I will be reviewing that later once I have a bit of distance), I decided I am going to be sharing and celebrating the good things that I have been up to lately.

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Win with me and Bratz {Giveaway Closed}

Something strange has happened to me since becoming a girl-mom; I’ve fallen in love with all things pastel, pink, purple and plush and I want all the dolls and ponies – ALL of them! You can roll your eyes all you like; I was a tomboy as a kid, but now my eyes light up […]

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How many times can the mommy heart break?

As I face the week ahead, my heart is heavy and there are tears in my throat. From tomorrow I start a slow journey to weaning my daughter and I feel shattered over it. As I lie here, breastfeeding my 20 month old to sleep at naptime for possibly the last time, I can’t help […]

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Get pledging with the Santa Shoebox Project

Imagine the face of a child who has never received a gift before, getting an entire box of things just for them. My heart aches at the thought. You know that I am ALL about the gift giving, it is without a doubt my strongest love language, and a huge part of why Christmas is […]

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Baba Bear has little bums covered ~ Review {Giveaway Closed}

Today I am doing a review and giveaway that is a little different, because I was swayed by how adorable the product was… Can you even stand it??

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Playing Catchup ~ 22/09

Yesterday’s post shared the amazing journey my friend Laverne and I began last week with our South African Sisterhood group on Facebook. As you can likely tell from my absence of late, there has been more than just that project underway. I have so many things happening at the same time, that I thought I […]

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Playing catchup ~ 6/9

I feel awful about being so absent, not only here but in every aspect of my life. That one week of the plague and the fact that Charly’s sleep has regressed once again to her waking roughly 3 times an hour has knocked me off my game. But I am slowly starting to get on […]

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You are a good mommy

I have “met” some amazing expecting mommies through this blog; I have gotten to interview them and ask them questions and answer their questions and support them and follow the journeys of those that have their own blogs. And there is one feeling that swells up out of them and every mommy I have ever […]

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We have the plague

Well, the Doctor says its the flu with secondary sinus and chest infections, but it feels like the plague.

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I need a massage ~ don’t you? Mummy Massage Review {Giveaway Closed}

I need a massage. For real, I’m not even using that as a fake lead in. If you were online this weekend, then you may have seen me post about what I am up to at the moment; and if you read that, you will know that I mean it with all my heart – […]

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The Legacy You Are Leaving Your Daughter

Last week I received a gift from Dove. I was flattered and I love their products and am a Dove user myself; but all I expected from them was something lovely which I would share on social media.

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Why I am a distracted parent 

Happy Women’s Day mammas. With today being all about celebrating how women can make a difference, I thought I would share a little bit about where I am on my journey to make a difference to other mammas, and a few other things.

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Our Watercolour Heart Winner

I loved this beautiful sentiment that Jess from Watercolour Heart shared this week, so I thought I would start with it!

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65 Questions to ask your child’s new school

As most of you know, I have suddenly realised I am behind in the whole finding a school thing. I jumped hastily onto the bandwagon and started reading up on schools, getting suggestions and feedback from friends and family, and my head started spinning.

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5 Ways to keep warm using your toddler

This feels like the coldest winter we’ve ever had; but I’m pretty sure I say that every year. I actually love winter; I like having a legitimate reason to work in my pjs under piles of duvets and never leave the house. But omg the cold; not even blankets, heaters and hot water bottles are […]