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What would you do if someone offered you a brand new Baby Bullet?

What would you do if someone offered you a brand new Baby Bullet? A very lovely someone contacted me a little while ago and did just that… offered me a free Baby Bullet to review and another to give away. Do you know what I did? I said that instead of giving it to me, I would give it to one of you! My kitchen is FULL of gadgets. We have the NutriBullet of course, and a juicer, and some other kind of smoothie maker, coffee machines (yup, more than one), an air fryer, a slow cooker and a pressure cooker… I think we even have an electric frying pan somewhere. (This is all just reminding me that I need to do a big Gumtree sale…) ANYWAY! The Baby Bullet is SUCH a unique product for preparing food for babies, I really felt like a momma with a baby nearing weaning age would be a lot more deserving than I am. And also – I get to do more gift giving, which you all know is my love language!

Now, because my life has spiralled out of control with Charly and I being severely ill on 2 separate occasions over 6 weeks and school end of year things and then holidays and Christmas shopping, and my mommy being ill (also meaning no support system with Charly in the holidays) and my granny being in hospital and my grandfather heartbroken and pining for her and organising lifts to visit my gran in Seapoint and preparing for a video shoot with Ford around car seat safety for the holidays and an interview next Wednesday just after 8am on the Expresso Morning Show… Which of course included more research, practicing installing different car seats, getting clothes that fit me and don’t make me look… well, more on that another time… And organising extra car seats and locations and buying Charly clothes that are video appropriate and getting my very first gelish manicure with my lovelies at Rouge Day Spa, so that I look vaguely like a grown up in close ups of my hands and car seats… Or creating the new car seat safety brochure and infographic and doing a Q&A in a mommy group around car seat safety… And helping mommies with questions about car seats and to order car seats so their babies can be safe over this terrifying holiday season on the roads… Oh, and happily helping people install their car seats or checking that their car seats are installed properly. And supporting my friends and family. And having Brett be on deadline for 2 months (#FML) meaning him working late… Him who usually does all the shopping and the cooking… which of course means, me doing all the shopping and cooking and cleaning and momming and stressing and and and… Yep, TOTALLY out of control. I planned to share this Baby Bullet giveaway a long time ago.

As I was saying, because my life spiralled out of control, I have let a LOT of people down. I am gutted that I haven’t managed to get my Christmas lists up. I planned them for months, contacted amazingly talented people, and I haven’t gotten their stories up and to you in time for the season. There have been a lot of very late nights with me working til I pass out on my Macbook only to have Charly howl me awake, followed swiftly by me crying myself back to sleep while I comfort her in her definitely-not-made-for-plus-size-mommies bed. Please, please show these amazing people some support by liking their Facebook pages. You can find direct links to them all in this post, which does show some of them off. You can find other amazing toy options for kids of all ages and genders on Tums 2 Tots here and here.

I wanted to run this Baby Bullet giveaway before Christmas so that it could be a special gift for somebody. That is sadly not to be though, because their incredibly patient team is off on their well-deserved holiday at the end of this week. So I will leave this competition open over the holidays and only announce the winner in the New Year.  But before we get to that, let me tell you what makes the Baby Bullet so special!

What is the Baby Bullet?

The Baby Bullet is a top quality easy-to-clean blender that effortlessly creates yummy and nutritious baby food in seconds. It is designed to make the preparation and storage of healthy baby food easy and comes with 22 pieces to ensure you have everything you need!


Isn’t it just a cutesie NutriBullet?

No. Contrary to what many people expect, the Baby Bullet isn’t just a small NutriBullet with cute faces on it. The NutriBullet is famous for turning anything into a perfect smoothie. Its selling point is that is can take all the goodness from any fruit, veg or nut, and make it completely smooth, ensuring you get all the nutient-rich goodness in one delicious perfectly smooth drink. What makes the Baby Bullet so awesome is that it was specifically designed to meet the needs of introducing your baby to food in the weaning stage – starting off smooth, but then allowing you to add texture as your little one progresses.

baby-bullet-nutribulletThe Baby Bullet’s motor is smaller than than the NutriBullet, which means that you can choose to adjust the texture of the food. The Baby Bullet batch bowl (the cute main blending bowl that goes onto the base) takes hot food, which means you can blend baby’s food right after it has been cooked and serve. (The NutriBullet can only take cold ingredients.)

I won’t lie, when I saw the photos of the little date-dialed cups, I had a moment where I wanted to mail them back and tell them I would take it to test it out. Seriously, how cute (AND CLEVER) are they?? Besides being adorable and smart, it makes cooking up six portions of delicious wholesome food and popping them in the fridge or freezer for the coming week ridiculously simple.

baby bullet cup

Wait, did you say the Baby Bullet has 22-pieces??

Yup… Here is a breakdown of everything your Baby Bullet comes with.

• Compact, high torque power base (200W)
• Blender blade to purée foods to the perfect consistency
• Milling blade to make rice flour or rice cereal from grains
• Batch bowl for mixing larger quantities of baby food (946ml)
• 2 short cups to make smaller quantities of baby food (354ml)
• 2 stay fresh lids to fit on to the short cups for easy storage and travel
• Set of 6 date dial cups to store your food in so you know exactly how fresh it is (60ml)
• Tip proof tray to hold 6 date dial cups upright
• 2 silicone trays with lids to store and freeze individual portions
• Baby spatula
• Easy to follow user manual and cook book
• Pocket Nutritionist food information guide


Aaaand, because cleaning is the reason most of my cool kitchen gadgets are somewhere at the back of my cupboards… I kid you not. There was one thing we had that was so difficult to clean we literally just threw it out rather than trying anymore. Every piece of the Baby Bullet except the power base can be washed with warm soapy water and rinsed. And cleaning the power base is as simple as unplugging it and wiping off any food with a damp cloth.

For some amazing recipe ideas for your baby, you should follow Baby Bullet South Africa on Facebook and Instagram!

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My baby is not yet on solids as of next month she will be 6months and will try the Broccoli and Orange Puree for a Healthy Dose of Vitamin C
Ingredients: – 1/4 cup broccoli
– 1-2 oranges (segmented)
– 1-2 tbs water

My favorite recipe is lekker sweet potato puree as my Aliya has just started solids. I really hope to win this fabulous gift to make hectic Momma life a bit easier.

GASP, you can make blueberry yoghurt using this glorious machine?! I feel like I need to want to have it! #BabyBulletBaby

My fav recipe! ‘Blueberry Yogurt’ smoothie 😊

1 cup vanilla yogurt, frozen into ice cubes
½ frozen blueberries
1 tsp. vanilla
1-2 tb. milk of choice

– Bring your yogurt ice cubes out and let them sit for 10 minutes to soften.
– Add all of the ingredients including the yogurt cubes to the Baby Bullet.
– Blend until creamy.
– Serve immediately.

I love the idea of the date purée! My son has constipation off and on and is just in the weaning stage. Would be amazing to help him through both at once!

Blueberry yogurt smoothie

I have an 11 week old baby who will son enough be going onto solids so this will really help me to give him the nutrition he needs!

The Blueberry yogurt smoothie looks delicious!
Your life seems to be speeding up while everything else is winding down for the year, hope you manage to get some rest before the new year starts!!

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