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Best Christmas gifts for grown ups – Part 1

I was going to do one for mom and one for dad, but I realized this year there were a lot of crossovers and I have so many friends who are all “gender neutral” is the way forward… and then yes, I am almost out of time and I have SO many awesome things I want to share. So if you are looking for Christmas gifts to spoil the grown ups in your life, from husband to wife to mother or father or sister or brother or friends, these are my top Christmas gifts for grown ups! Part 1 today, just because it got toooooo long! Part 2 tomorrow 🙂

Best Christmas gifts for grown ups - Part 1


This is one of my very favourite finds for this year. No matter who you are shopping for this Christmas, I’m pretty sure they will love these. Grown ups or not, Lego characters are always a win right?

Christmas list for grown ups mini me

I am a thoughtful gift giver. I love finding things that are obscure references to shared history, watching people’s faces change as they “get it” and then get all leaky-eyed (thanks Cindy) when they realize how much thought you put into it. During this year my gift choices have mostly sucked, because I’ve been so under water with life that I’ve lost track of dates and times. Also, saving the world doesn’t pay well. Another reason Mini Me Memorables makes top of my list.

You log on to the store, and choose from an awesome range of lego to build a character. Once you have your unnervingly accurate little person, you browse the accessories and find something that epitomises who they are. It is so easy!! So easy that Charly created her versions of our little family, accessories included. A little scary to see yourself through your child’s eyes, but also just wow.

Christmas list for grown ups charlychristmas gifts for grown ups me

I chose the stands and words and 24 hours later, these guys arrived.

christmas gifts for grown ups us

christmas gifts for grown ups cards

All three of us are in love and if I could have found a way to sneak them into the house, this would have made the perfect gift for Brett to put on his desk at work. As it stands, they are part of our Christmas decor with my Bunchems tree and Santa 🙂

Christmas Winners round 1 bunchems1

You can create a character with the a plain stand and perfect accessory for R250. I could spend all day creating characters… maybe they will give me a job 😀

I would have loved to receive one of these a gift, as much as Brett would. The idea of having your kid create one for your significant other is all mine, but I totally encourage you to do the same!

After receiving this image from the Mini Me Memorables team on instagram (super clever marketing!)


I went to play on their site, fell in love and asked if they would be keen to work with me. They said yes (woohoooooo) and they let Charly work her magic and sent us our characters for free, they even threw in a tiara for Charly as a surprise extra!

Support this very smart local brand and give somebody an original personal gift!

christmas gifts for grown ups me looking-up

Find them on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


I am so looking forward to finally doing a full review on this brand and the amazing creator, Lushinka Louw (formerly Le Riche) in the new year! (Isn’t she just stunning?) I feel like this range of products is the perfect gift for grown ups.

Christmas gifts for grown ups Le Riche

I attended a very exclusive launch, where 2 media people per day were collected by a private driver and whisked away to a gorgeous spa in Paarl to be introduced to Le Riche herself. We got to chat to her and learn about her beautiful luxurious product range and then indulged in the best facial I have ever experienced in my life.

We were then sent home with a gift bag of spoils from a gift voucher for the spa, to a freezer box full of delicious juices from Juice Revolution, to the most amazing body ganache, to samples of the skin range. The skin care range is literally at the top of my Christmas list. I didn’t even bother hinting, I sent Brett the link with clear instruction as what I had to have. And now I’m waiting impatiently for Christmas.


Christmas gifts for grown ups Le Riche bag

Why these products? Because they are completely 100% natural, organic and Vegan. The ganache is made exactly as you would make chocolate ganache, by hand. Lushinka created her first product when her 18 month old daughter suffered from terrible eczema. As an industrial engineer, this mommy did her research and taught herself how to use natural ingredients to create a soothing nourishing barrier cream that worked for her child!

Lushinka fell in love with the science of creating these lush, rich concentrated products and continued expanding her range. They smell heavenly and they leave your skin feeling like silk. It is the first time in my life that I have had a facial that didn’t cause my skin any irritation.
There is magic in the packaging as well. They use Miron violet glass, a “patented bio-photonic glass that protects and invigorates the ingredients”.  The deep violet, almost black glass adds to the product and to the luxury of the packaging.

Christmas gifts for grown ups Le Riche creams

If you know somebody who is passionate about cruelty free completely natural beauty products that won’t irritate sensitive skin and may even soothe eczema or other skin issues, these hand-made beautifully packaged luxury products are the only gift you should consider.

Christmas gifts for grown ups Le Riche on black silk

You can find Le Riche Naturals on their website, on Facebook, and Instagram.

Sexy Socks

You know how socks are used as THE example of unimaginative boring gifts for grown ups and kids alike? HAH! These are the opposite of that!

Christmas gifts for grown ups sexy

The idea of buying fun socks was planted many years ago when I first fell in love with Bones and Sealy’s socks. The idea of conforming on the outside in the cliched black FBI suit, while rebelling with brightly colored patterned socks made the very deeply buried rebel in me gleeful. (I literally tried every other word there be glee is the only word that expresses the feeling properly.)

Christmas gifts for grown ups booth

Then I read about a company that just sold socks. I have no idea where I read it, or when, or if they were even talking about this company, but with the guilt of having failed at gift giving this year, I went in search of fun socks for somebody in my family. And I ended up buying a few extra pairs… How could I NOT get these??

Christmas gifts for grown ups xmassocks

Because the socks I bought are actually gifts and there is a chance that the people I got them for might read this, I can’t share all of them. But! They have such a gorgeous range, everything from ankle socks to specially designed cycling socks. There are fox socks guys!!! Look at these!! LOOK!! When trying to choose between my Christmas socks (meant to be where’s Wally socks, but CHRISTMAS!!) and the foxes, I thought my head might pop.

Christmas gifts for grown ups foxy socksWhat makes these socks sexy? From their site directly, because I couldn’t put it better myself…

“Our unique bamboo fibres, outrageous designs, shocking colours and sexy feel ensure that your feet will never feel more loved (and more sexy) than they do in a pair of Sexy Socks. They are stretchy. They are fitted. And they tend to go back to their original size. They are eco-friendly. They are green. They are anti-bacterial, anti-odour and anti-chafe. And they are local: designed, sourced and manufactured in Cape Town.”

Ooooh! AND not only are you supporting local and helping people you love secretly flip off “the man”, but with every pair of Sexy Socks you buy, a pair of socks is donated to a child in need! Saving the world one pair of socks at a time!! Now that’s sexy!

The perfect “stocking stuffer”… hahahahahaha! I’m sorry, I know, isn’t it meant to be dad jokes that suck? Sigh.

christmas gift for-grown-ups

You can find Sexy Socks on their website, on Facebook, on Instagram and on Twitter.

That’s it for tonight folks! My bed is calling me… Check in again tomorrow to find our where to get the most stunning jewellery, why travel mugs are the best gift ever and I share my three favourite spots in Cape Town for mommy pampers.

Also, don’t foget to enter the giveaways!! Three more coming soooon!

Sending all the love xxx









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