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After a month of the sicks, I am finally getting back into the swing of things! And that includes a (slightly late) review and giveaway with Baby Dove. I began working on this a little while ago, and then got all caught up in their underlying message of “Trust your way” and ended up getting a tad ragey about the things other moms are consistently judgey over in a post you can find here – My Way Isn’t Your Way (or your business).

I swear, before I had Charly I hardly ever got angry, let alone ragey. Ok, wait. Before I fell pregnant with Charly; I think the pregnancy hormones are what broke my chill. Earlier this year, a close friend, Katy who I have known since I was 13, ended up moving into the townhouse next door. Very quickly, we became best friends. Her girls became mine, mine became hers. She recently moved away which has broken both our hearts somewhat, but we still speak every day. But that again, is a story for another day. Back to Baby Dove.

For a nice balanced review, I gave Katy the Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Fragrance Free Head to Toe wash, wipes and lotion. I also gave them the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Nappy Cream, Petroleum Jelly and Shampoo. Her girls are 2 year old Isabella and 7 month old Sienna, so the products were perfect for them. I kept the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Wipes, soap bar, Head to Toe wash and lotion.

Katy, Isabella & Sienna <3
Let’s start with the Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Range

This range from Baby Dove was developed with incredible care and extensive research. The Sensitive Moisure range is fragrance free, making it suitable for your newborn baby and eczema-prone skin. The Baby Dove formulas have no dyes, parabens or phthalates and there is no alcohol in the wipes. The range is pH-neutral and hypoallergenic and has been ophthalmologist, dermatologist and paediatrician-tested and approved. Baby Dove holds true to the promise of 1/4 moisturising cream in their products, to ensure that any moisture lost from baby’s skin in the bath are replaced and their skin is kept soft and smooth.

What Katy says:

I use this range with Sienna and we love it! There is something magical about wet wipes that come out one at a time! I had given up on ever finding wipes that did that. The wipes are soft but don’t come apart when tugged at and they aren’t too wet or too dry. I was able to use them when she had a bad nappy rash without her crying, which was a huge relief. The Head to Toe wash and lotion kept her delicious baby skin smooth and soft and hydrated. This has remained a firm favourite.

COPYRIGHT MLM Baby Dove Sienna excitement
A note to say that this photo was taken today and our precious girl currently has Roseola. Still loving her Baby Dove though 😉
The Baby Dove Rich Moisture Range

Many of us start out with fragrance free products on newborn skin, so the Sensitive Moisture range is perfect for those early days or if your little one really struggles with eczema. But we so want to indulge in the gentle smells of quality baby products, without risk to our babies of course! The Rich Moisture range allows you to do so without worry! Just like the Sensitive range, the Rich Moisture range uses no dyes, parabens or phthalates the wipes are alcohol-free. The range is also pH-neutral and hypoallergenic, with the shampoo mild enough to not burn little eyes and has been ophthalmologist, dermatologist and paediatrician-tested and approved. Baby’s skin is 30% thinner than our own in their first year. This means they need a lot of extra moisture keep their skin, scalp and hair healthy. As I mentioned the smell of this range is HEAVENLY and the fragrance is specially formulated for that delicate baby skin.

What Katy says:

We started off with the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Nappy Cream, Petroleum Jelly and Shampoo. I use the Nappy Cream on both girls and it really seems to settle any redness and irritation and keep those cutie bums happy. When Sienna first had the very bad nappy rash, I was using the Sensitive Moisture wet wipes and the Rich Moisture Petroleum Jelly to try keep that area completely dry between leaving her bottom open. It was very effective and didn’t cause her any further discomfort, which other products had done. After a few weeks of using the Rich Moisture shampoo on Isabella’s hair, I couldn’t resist using it on Sienna’s as well. The smell is amazing and it left their hair soft and even eased up a little dry skin Sienna had on her scalp.

We are now official Baby Dove users for both girls, having bought the whole range once the ones Mandy gave us ran out. We love it!

A note to say that this photo was taken today and our precious girl currently has Roseola. Still loving her Baby Dove though 😉
And now, what I think…

I got to see in person how the products worked for Sienna and Issy, and the smell of the Rich Moisture range makes me miss them fiercely. I won’t lie, I use most of the products on myself, because I am obsessed with the smell. It has all the emotive elements of a baby scent, but is completely unique. I am also a little OCD when it comes to what I use on Charly, because we tried something new once and ended up sitting in an emergency room waiting for an allergic reaction to pass. She seems to have a weird reaction to certain materials or elements used in extra sensitive products, particularly wet wipes. I used the Rich Moisture soap bar and the lotion on her with no reaction though, so that was a huge relief!

COPYRIGHT MLM baby dove baby

My favourite products of the range are the Rich Moisture wet wipes, Head to Toe wash and the lotion. I have terrible skin in general, and with the amount we have been sick this year, my skin has dried out horribly. The first time I used the wet wipes was having just come in from the Baby Dove event. (I am one of those women who can transform from full make up, dressed to impress to naked face and pjs within 3 minutes.) I love those wipes!! All my makeup came off (and there was a LOT of it!) easily and my skin felt clean and not dry after using it. I LOVE that the wipes come out one at a time! It saves time and frustrated yanking, shaking and bad language directed at a packet that gets flung across the lounge (#TrueStory – the other wipes I favour turn into a Rapunzel-hair style endless rope).

Charly did not get to use even a drop of the body wash. I used it ALL!! I love it and have bought another one since. It really helps alleviate the dryness and makes my skin feel soft and healthy. The lotion has become the magic potion that doesn’t cause a nuclear reaction on my skin after shaving. I barely ever shave, because my legs always have an awful flare up after and are itchy and painful for up to a week after. While it doesn’t prevent the rash that follows, it drastically reduces the dry itchiness and it doesn’t cause the burning other products do. So definitely a brand win for me!

Baby Dove Range


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I’m dying to try the Dove moisture shampoo and nappy cream. Tried the wet-wipes and absolutely love them, especially the fresh clean smell. Fingers crossed

I would absolutely love to try the Rich Moisture Wet Wipes.

Thank you for an interesting, enlightening and informative post on these wonderful product range.

The wipes are so awesome 😀 Resist the urge to pull them all out to find out if they REALLY come out one at a time LOL 😀 Good luck xx

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