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All I want for Christmas is to dress up my toddler

Having an excuse to dress up my toddler, and having her cooperate, (even for a short space of time) is the answer to my Christmas wish this year! I know I am meant to do the whole introduction thing, but I just want to show you these photos quick! Seriously!! I may or may not have gone a little overboard because LOOK at this stuff!! How could I not?? So here we go, All I Want for Christmas is to dress up my toddler (and I got it)!

This! And this! And this! Can you even??!

COPYRIGHT MLM Love made me cuteness

I am a long time fan of the mommy that runs this business, Lindsay is a 29 year old mommy blogger, married to her high school sweetheart Carl and Mommy to 2 boisterous adorable boys, Daniyal and Joshuah.


Lindsay works full time as a Property Officer for a large Healthcare, but has had a long term love affair with kiddies fashion and accessories. In August she took the leap and launched Love Made Me; which is all about customizing, from party themes, to milestones, specific colours, or any other occasion that calls for something unique, they can create something spectacular! The Love Made Me branded items are handmade with love by Lindsay herself (and her sewing genie), whose creativity is brought to life with everything from over the top statement pieces to simple classic designs.

Like me, Lindsay starts planning and counting down the days to Christmas in January. And as her most favourite time of the year, she loves making it extra special. And so she has launched a few adorable Christmas designs on great quality materials that you won’t be able to resist at ridiculously affordable prices. All standard designs are just R100 on a white bodyvest (0-24 months) or white t-shirt (1 year +), with custom orders starting at R120. AND on top of that, she is offering a 10% discount to anybody using the code “CharlyLovesChristmas“!

Her Christmas range is made up of Santa’s Little Helper (otherwise known as the Charly); Dear Santa (inspired by her awesomely mischievous boys); the cutest ever Elf Size (inspired by her niece Isabella-Rose) for the little one’s and then the ever popular traditional Baby’s First Christmas.


Lindsay made Charly this super soft Christmas stocking, personalized with her name (R65, while stocks last); the Santa’s Little Helper bodyvest (R100) and these adorable custom ruffled leggings (R100, plain leggings at R80).

COPYRIGHT MLM LMM bodyvest & stocking


I can’t recommend Love Made Me’s products, service (or owner) enough. The Christmas order deadline is 11 December, to be completed by 21st December and dispatched or collected if you’re Cape Town based.

All other orders will be sent within the New Year, however if you have an urgent order you can contact Lindsay on and she will do all she can to help.

To see more from Love Made Me and keep an eye out for ever-adorable outfits for the littles in your life, you can find them on their website –  , on Facebook, on Instagram and on Twitter.

My Cutie Patootie
So some of you have asked where I got THE Santa dress from – well, here it is!! And she only has 10 left (sizes 3 – 5 years old for only R150 each), so you had better order right this second!!


COPYRIGHT MLM Santa Baby toe

Melisha is all about family, which I love!, and has been happily married for almost 8 years with 2 gorgeous kids (5 and 17 months). Melisha is an analyst for a top Multi-Manager, a “Maths boffin” and in August this year she started her own kids clothing import business, My Cutie Patootie – inspired by her very own cutie patooties.

Facing steep school fees for her little people, she decided to supplement her income by taking a leap (with lots of spreadsheets and research) and importing special items for children that she would personally love for her own kids and selling them at affordable prices. Her favourite items in her shop are the Superhero Capes and Masks (which you can check out on her Facebook page).

Buuuuuut, back to why we are all here – THE DRESS and then something that (I warn you) may actually cause you to implode from cuteness, this ridiculously gorgeous red and white Christmas romper (0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months) that makes your little person look like the VERY best Christmas present you ever got (R150). It doesn’t hurt that the little model wearing this, Issy, is the darlingest little thing ever – thank you SO much to her mommy for sharing these pics!!



Melisha has limited stock and I have no doubt you all will be competing to see who gets the last one, so place your orders ASAP. She says to place your order before the 16 December to ensure it arrives before Christmas – but let’s be honest; now that people have seen these children of ours in these outfits, they will be sold out LONG before then. There is delivery fee of R45 nationwide and it generally takes about 1-5 working days to reach you.

To place your order right this very second, email Melisha on and then send me all the photos of your cuties so we can oooh and aaaah together!

Baa Baa Black Sheep
So, I have to be honest and tell you that this is one of my favourite online shops. They have been around since I started shopping for Charly, their items are gorgeous and affordable, and I love that they run specials and giveaways for their fans regularly. Adél has two children, Cayden (5 years) and Amy (3 years) and has been married to her highschool sweetheart for almost 11 years. She felt there was a need for beautiful handmade baby clothes and gifts and wanted to find the kind of things you couldn’t just find in a store. They started doing craftmarkets in 2011, and the online store kicked off in 2013 and now stocks a wide range of clothes, toys, linen and decor products (they have over 400 products in their range!!). But we are here about her Christmas range…
Baa baa black sheep

That My First Christmas bodyvest with bowtie, bubble pants and an elf hat (R430.00) literally makes me want to time my next pregnancy so that the new baby is born just before Christmas and is teeny tiny so I can squish him/her into it <3 But that isn’t realistic right now!

What did happen was I fell totally and competely in love with this Knit Christmas hat (R190.00) and decided I HAD to have it for Charly, and then I got it and it was SO much better than I could ever have imagined!! It is the softest wool I have ever felt and I may actually steal it for myself eventually (it is soft enough that it fits Charly perfectly, but also fits my giant noggin and doesn’t even stretch)!! She loved it so much I couldn’t get it off her to get the tag off.


You can also glimpse a few other items in that pic, including the personalised Jumping reindeer bodyvest (R165) and the tippy top of the tutu skirt (R150); and then we also got the red lace leggings (R125) which are the perfect accompaniment for the very delicate skirt. And then at the last minute I saw the Red nose reindeer bodyvest (R130) which I loved because it was black and striking – and it was so much better than expected, he is actually a black velvety material and has a little red bead for a nose!! Let me stop talking so you can actually take in the gorgeousness!

COPYRIGHT MLM Charly reindeer

COPYRIGHT MLM BBBS lace leggings


Orders for Christmas items close on 4 December, so you only have a few days to get your shop on 🙂 You can head directly over to the shop (they have some other gorgeous Christmas items available too) or Like them on Facebook and get in touch there!

Vlinders & Feëtjies
For the non-Afrikaans speakers, that means Butterflies and Fairies, so I was sold straight away. Actually, I started looking for outfits that were beautiful and perfect for Christmas, without actually being overtly Christmassy (if that makes sense)? And that is how I found Anika and Vlinders & Feëtjies. I saw this set and I just loved it and KNEW Charly would adore this tutu (even though there was no way I was going to get a matching mommy one made) 😉

Vlinders & Feëtjies pair

Anika is only 24 years old and one of the sweetest online people I have ever met. She has been married for 3 years and in 2013 they welcomed their beautiful baby girl Anè. A full time upholsterer, she started Vlinders & Feëtjies (don’t you smile every time you read it now?) a year ago. As seems to be a fairly common fairytale with these talented mommy’s I’ve chatted to, she started out by making tutus and headbands for Anè and quickly found herself with requests from friends for their own daughters. After a little experimenting with sewing, she realised she had a skill for baby clothing creations, and the rest (as they say) is history.

The beautiful Ane
The beautiful Ane in another of mommy’s Christmas creations

Always open to new ideas, designs and requests, Anika is incredibly excited for her first Christmas range and her prices are great. I got the outfit (t-shirt, tut and headband for only R180!) and I was SO right about Charly loving that tutu! Every time she sees it she shouts “Charwy is a pwincess” and we have to put it on her and she twirls until she gets dizzy or falls down. Today she refused to take off the t-shirt and even insisted on wearing the headband for about an hour!



Because this talented mama makes every item herself, orders close on 4th of December to make sure everyone gets their outfits on time. There are a few things she keeps stock of and you can find those on her Facebook page here.

Leo & Lola
This was very much a last minute addition but I am so in love with everything about this dress and this new little shop and its range, I just HAD to add it. I also took into accont that not all mommy’s want their children in red and white at Christmas, and dresses like this make me understand that a little bit.


I was invited by owner Sam to attend the opening of the flagship Leo & Lola store in Cape Town this past weekend and I was entranced by the logo on the invitation already. The beautiful classical items for babies and little children had me wandering around the store for ages. The inspiration behind Leo & Lola is Sam’s beautiful ginger cat, Leo, who she is mildly obsessed with. Lola was created in memory of Leo’s stray cat friend, Lola, who sadly passed away last year. Sam absolutely loves baby elephants, so she decided Leo’s best friend should be one. The brand is centered around Leo & Lola, as well as their friends, George the Giraffe, Fifi the Bunny and Sir Harold the Owl and the themed items she has had created around them are just lovely. I want that pillow SOOOOOOO bad, I even dreamed about it last night!!

Leo & Lola store

Leo & Lola Baby Bags

Leo & Lola was started in May with the intention of only being an online baby boutique, but when the opportunity to open a little store at Palmyra Junction in the suburbs of Cape Town arose in October, Sam knew she had to take the leap! The store is filled literally to the ceiling with beautiful must-have items. I kept picking everything up and wanting to buy ALL THE THINGS! Eventually I made myself just buy a few little necessities like this dress (for only R290!!). And this is why… how perfectly beautiful is my child in this floaty angel dress?

L&L store

COPYRIGHT MLM My fairy princess

COPYRIGHT MLM Fairy princess joy

With a few small touches, you can “Christmas” this dress up if that is your thing, by adding a tinsel halo, a sparkly headband or bow in Christmas colours, a santa hat or even a Christmas themed bib! If you are in Cape Town, be sure to visit the store, for those further afield, head over to their Facebook page, Instagram page or Pinterest page to keep up with all the beautiful things!

You no doubt noticed the beautiful hair accessories and dummy clips in some of the above photos. These are from the darling Radhia from Treatmesweetlie, who has created an entire Christmas range to make sure your little person’s perfect Christmas outfit isn’t ruined with a threadbare chewed on dummy clip.

Treatmesweetlie Christmas Range

Radhia works at the head office for a big retail chain, is mommy to the exquisite Ammaarah, wife to Zieyaad, writes a beautiful blog about parenthood and all things that make up the parenting lifestyle and makes these beautiful handmade baby accessories. She started Treatmesweetlie while on maternity leave in April 2015. They had two special family weddings to attend and Radhia wanted her little girl to look perfect for her first celebrations. She found the prettiest of outfits, but could not find any pretty pacifier clips sold locally. All of the pacifier clips that she wanted needed to be imported, and there was just no time for that; so she decided to make them herself!


Radhia has big plans for Treatmesweetlie and wants to be able to provide customers with a range of handmade baby goods. Her current range includes Handmade Leather Braided Pacifier Clips (R85) and Handmade Hair Accessories (R45), and she is working on a few new handmade items to add to the range which she cannot wait to share with everyone!

Charly loves the pacifier clips and the headbands. I can’t get over that she actively asks to wear her “pwetty bows” and they are so soft and comfy that she wears them for hours without complaining – which is unheard of! Everything is such great quality and just really pretty! I fully intend to invest in a range of the pinks, whites, pale greys and whites in both paci clips and hairbands to match her wardrobe!





You can find Treatmesweetlie over at their shop, on Facebook, on Instagram or on Twitter; and you can also place orders and make requests by mailing Radhia directly.

And that’s it for today! Don’t forget to head over to enter this week’s giveaway, and if you like the items above – don’t miss the new one launching on Monday!! And if you have been wondering what my life is like at the moment, I shared a little of it here.

Happy shopping!

Sending all the love xx

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