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Alilo Honey Bunny winner

Whose little one is going to be lighting up this Christmas when they see their gorgeous new Alilo Honey Bunny with his light up ears? One of you! I am so excited to give somebody this amazing gift I can’t even tell you!! Charly and Lilo had great fun choosing our winner today. So… Are you our Alilo Honey Bunny winner?!

As she gets older, it does get a little tougher to get her to do these draws. BUT today for the first time I explained what it was for… I told her that the numbers she chose would tell me the name of somebody and that their little boy or girl would be winning their very own Lilo. I wish I had had the camera on her so I could show you how her face lit up! So a lot of excitement all around to choose our Alilo Honey Bunny winner!

I have simplified the draw a little, to cut down on how many times she has to draw numbers. I did this by using three different colour papers and throwing them all in together and having her choose one of each. It worked SO much better. One movement, quick and fun. Then to keep it simple the drawn numbers are just organised alphabetically to get our final number – Blue, Green, Pink.

In case you are wondering she chose her own outfit – her Parental Instinct sleeping back because Lilo is a sleepy friend and because she is turning into a mermaid πŸ˜‰

Thank you again to everybody who entered and to our awesome prize sponsor Kids Emporium! I hope those of you that don’t win head out and get your little one their own Alilo Honey Bunny for Christmas. I can personally atest to the fact that you will get that PERFECT Christmas face.

alilo honey bunny winner colours
About to draw our Alilo Honey Bunny Winner

alilo honey bunny winner pink

alilo honey bunny winner blue

alilo honey bunny winner green

alilo honey bunny winner blue-0

alilo honey bunny winner -green3

alilo honey bunny winner pink2

alilo honey bunny winner numbers

Alilo Honey Bunny winner Janice


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I’ll be back next week with TWO more giveaways – A month’s supply of Predo Baby Diapers AND the coolest gift you can think of for pre-schoolers!!

Have a great weekend lovelies.

Sending all the love xxx









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