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Alilo Honey Bunny Review

Some of you might have noticed I was a little bit impressed by the Kids Emporium event I attended a few months ago… What with my mentioning the event, the attendees, the brand, the owner, the coffee mugs and, of course, the amazing gift I received for Charly, the Alilo Honey Bunny (named Lilo) that my child is obsessed with. Let me tell you why…

alilo honey bunny win

The Alilo Honey Bunny is all-in-one awesomeness. Our little Lilo (pronounced leeeeee-low) sings songs, tells bedtime stories, and has a voice recorder so you can record your voice singing that special song you made up for your little one that nobody else knows. Charly can often be found dancing around the room with her Lilo in her arms.

alilo honey bunny dance

And then there is the magic of the ears!! You see, Lilo is also a night light. Although Charly isn’t generally afraid of the dark, she is when she is sick. As you guys know, that has been A LOT this year and last night!! Lilo has gotten Charly (and me) through nights with huge fevers and endless vomiting and tears.

Alilo Honey Bunny night light

Last night again Lilo came to the rescue when Charly started throwing up and was too scared to fall asleep in case she threw up again 🙁  With a PROPER volume control (something FAR too many toys are lacking) so the music is just a whisper of comfort and Lilo’s soft silicone ears that Charly finds very soothing to squeeze in her hands, she finally slept. She never gets tired of seeing the ears shifting beautiful colours and it keeps the dark away from her immediate circle.

Alilo Honey Bunny sick-love

When her fevers got over 39, and I needed to keep wiping her down with cool cloths or wipes while she slept; Lilo provided light that was enough for me to see her but not enough to keep her awake. It also let me check the thermometer every 15 minutes to make sure the meds and wiping were working and bringing her temp down.

Lilo come with a 2GB Micro SD card that holds around 1000 songs or 300 stories, but the card slot supports up to an 8GB card if you want to add more content. Something I think is really lovely is that you can replace or update the music and stories as your little one grows.

Alilo Honey Bunny nstructions

The bane of my existence with most of Charly’s toys is constantly having to replace the batteries. You guys – what is it WITH the cost of batteries??? Sigh, I’m so old. Little Lilo runs off fancy rechargeable batteries which can be charged and discharged roughly 500 times before needing to be replaced. We have only had to recharge Lilo 4 times since we got her 6 months ago. And she has spent a number of nights with her ears on. The manual says 4 – 5 hours of play, but I am guessing that is if you are running the music or stories and the lights for 5 hours straight.

The Alilo Honey Bunny is completely safe for little ones, it is even completely safe for them to put Lilo’s ears in their mouths when teething. And since they are drop resistant, they are also completely safe FROM little ones too. This is by far one of the best toys Charly has and I love that it will last her for years to come.

Alilo Honey Bunny ove-at-first-sight

Alilo Honey Bunny blue



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Hi. I just entered to win the Alilo bunny competition. However I entered in the wrong Kids Emporium Store. The closest one to me will be Bedfordview. How do I go about correcting this error? Thank you! Suvana

Oh my goodness!! Alilo is just the cutest bunny EVER!! I am OBSESSED with bunnies and fortunately I got to bunnify Emma’s room when she was born so this little bunny bums will fit so perfectly into her room and life. Emma (almost 2!) absolutely LOVES music, singing and dancing so this little guy will already have a keen dancer waiting to dance the night away!! And how awesome is it that it is such a great night light too and a cuddle toy AND a chew toy?? I seriously wish there were more multi-purpose kiddy items like Alilo out there!! I also love that we can win a blue one cos I have my own blue eyed bunny at home!! She needs a friend! She needs Alilo!! 💙

I LOVE this comment <3 <3 Thank you for sharing a snippet of your life with me <3 As somebody who shares so much of my world with others, it is a gift when somebody reciprocates. All the best of luck to you xx

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