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A note before I say goodnight

Hi lovelies. It has been a bad week. Our angel has yet another school bug, work is hectic, my big project has had to be paused this week with everything else going on, I am behind on everything. So I thought I would leave you a quick note before I pull the covers over my head so that at least it doesn’t look like a desert wasteland around here.


I have had some amazing experiences I really want to share with you all, and I have faced/ am facing some huge challenges I really need to share with you all before I can move on from them.

I am going through a huge personal shifting and changing again; how many times do we go through these huge internal life shifts? Or is this just me? Eesh, it didn’t really occur to me before right now that it might just be me… I keep having these shifts where the “all mom all the time” me, shakes a little bit free of that and rediscovers a part of the “old” me. But even more often lately, I am creating whole new parts of me I would never have imagined were even there.

I suddenly can’t stop planning things. Finding exciting new things I want to do. Seeing opportunity at every turn. As amazing as that is, there is a lot of sacrifice in it too. I keep finding myself at a cross roads, where I pause and am pulled so strongly in two directions, I rather turn back a little ways and take a less threatening path. I hate it. For the first time in my life I am feeling brave, but I am being held back.

Anyway, as I said. Just a note before I head off to bed. Too many late nights followed by too many all night wake ups with C.

A few things you can expect from me soon… An update on Charly’s new bed and our progress there. A bit more on this strange place I find myself in personally, between mom, entrepreneur and everything else. A proper catch up on our girl; because man, she is growing and learning and changing faster than I can keep up with! The awesome #CTMeetup and the shift these events are causing in me.


Today I had somebody from SweepSouth online cleaning service come make my house cleaner than it’s been in a very long time in only 4 hours!! This service and THE service were epic by the way and SO work checking in to!! **NOTE – IF YOU CLICK ON THE SWEEPSOUTH LINK HERE, YOU GET 1 HOUR FREE WITH YOUR FIRST CLEAN – and it is already crazy affordable!!

I am also trialing Umatie baby and kids foods with Charly – who has recently decided eating isn’t for her (if I hadn’t failed miserably at weaning her, I would be worried sick by now). And I have some gorgeous giveaways lined up, just WAIT til you see Charly in her new Chef outfit šŸ˜‰

I have been FLOODING Tums 2 Tots Online with competitions for this month, to celebrate the rebrand (HAVE YOU BEEN TO SEE MY PRETTY OTHER HOME YET?) and to let people win amazing gifts for their moms (or for themselves as moms) in time for Mother’s Day in May. You can go enter too, I won’t feel like you have abandoned me šŸ˜‰

Tums 2 Tots Online

If you are ever missing me, come like my Facebook page, my Twitter account or my Instagram account; or Tums 2 Tots Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest account – I don’t always have time to write a whole post, but I do update and participate in chats and share photos and short catchups on social media! If you are already on my social media, do me a huge favour and like or leave comments on a few posts – I am feeling a little low and would love to know you are out there reading.

Sending all the love xx

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[…] Most of you know I have had a very rough few weeks. With Miss C being sick and then me being sick and then the huge backlog of work that results from being sick, plus the endless public holidays – these are NOT welcome when you run your own businesses – and Cā€™s bizarre behaviour of late. I am feeling frazzled. A couple of weeks ago, I was having a particularly awful week and then I got the opportunity to try a new service called SweepSouth. You guys, I got a magic cleaning fairy that transformed the chaos of my house from having a sick toddler at home into one of those TV screen houses in 4 hours! And I booked it 2 days before. […]

You knows I love you, but just in case you’ve forgotten… I loves you! O is being a hooligan, that’s where I’ve been…

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